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Healthy Business Ideas

As baby boomers age, they are more concerned than ever with staying fit – which is why the health and fitness business is a booming industry.

If you are considering opening a small business where you can use great interpersonal and motivational skills alongside knowledge of nutrition and health, this may be the right area for you.

Consider also that your number of potential customers is increasing each year, as even seniors are now getting in on the act of physical fitness.

What Type of Health And Fitness Business Is Right For You?

Because this industry is vast – from personal trainers to registered dieticians to health food stores – the first step is to decide what area you will concentrate in.

This large group can be split into three smaller groups for easier consideration: nutrition, fitness, and care.


There are a variety of ways to help clients improve their health through better nutrition. To be a registered dietician (RD), you need to have a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics or Nutrition, complete an approved internship, and pass the national registered dietician exam. A registered dietetic technician (DTR) requires an Associate’s degree.

Another option for entering the nutrition business is to recommend and sell healthy food items and other health products. You can do this by developing your own recipes and packaging food for sale. Perhaps you might focus on eliminating allergens from your recipes or using organic ingredients?

Alternatively you could become a representative of a company that sells nutrition products. By becoming familiar with the products, you can then make a recommendation to interested customers.

If you are interested in even more sales opportunities, you could start your own health food store or become part of a franchise.


Many people don’t like to exercise or don’t know how to exercise effectively. As a personal trainer, you can instruct and guide clients on achieving their best physical form.

Research the many personal training programs available to find the one that is right for you. Many offer certification which adds to your credibility.

You may have clients train in your home, which would require you to invest in a variety of exercise equipment. Alternatively you could train in the client’s home – provided they have the necessary machines.

As a trainer, you have the flexibility to set your own hours, but marketing may be your most difficult task.

Another option is to be a trainer at a gym, where commercial fitness equipment is already provided. People who go to gyms are already interested in physical fitness, so up-selling them to the next level of personal training may be easier.

If you’d rather show than tell, consider being a group fitness instructor at a gym. You often have flexibility in designing your own routines, and you can make people sweat and get your own workout at the same time.


The care category of health and fitness business ideas deals with providing healthcare services to those in need. These services could include home healthcare for the elderly, psychiatric services, counseling, and occupational therapy – to name just a few.

There are hundreds of opportunities to start a business providing some form of health care. Keep in mind, however, that these types of businesses often require substantial education, and ongoing certification and licensing. If you’re interested in this area of business, chances are you already have the educational foundation and experience upon which to build.

The opportunities in the health and fitness business are waiting, so if you have the passion, interest and dedication to succeed you can really find yourself success in this field for the long-term.

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