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Handmade Draperies Business Idea

Custom drapery ideas have been an important part of domestic life for many years, and the possibilities with curtain fabric are virtually limitless.

These ideas come from the heart, and aim to truly reflect a homeowner’s style. With a little knowledge and skill, you can promote your own ideas and start a small business with this profitable niche.

Before starting your own business, however, there are a few important aspects of the industry you must firmly understand.

Educating Yourself

It is essential to understand the fundamentals of business before beginning in earnest. It is highly advisable that you acquire some basic business skills through business management education courses if you do not already possess these.

Knowing basic operation and management protocol will provide you with an advantage over others who are ill-equipped to run a business.

Areas such as state and federal tax laws, accounting, proper business licensure, marketing and promotion, and a good knowledge of your products and drapery hardware are all key foundation requirements for a custom drapery business. Since your business will be small initially, laws for your area may vary and change as you grow in size. You will need to be aware of this.

Using Your Custom Drapery Ideas

Once you are past the technical requirements for owning, operating, and managing your business, it will be time for you to get down to the good part: your ideas. Start by writing down and journal all the designs you think of, and then create a good filing system organized by fabric, pattern etc. to access them again later.

If you are going to be contracting out work to a seamstress, keep a file on each potential provider you review. If you are going to run this home based business entirely by yourself, expect a lot of hard work, but also know that your profits will be higher in the long-term.

Promoting The Business

There are several ways to promote your ideas and creations. Browse through the Internet and see how others are offering their services, and be competitive with these. Always keep in mind that the highest quality of workmanship and customer satisfaction should be your first priority.

Satisfied customers will come back and refer their friends to you for your custom drapery ideas.

Custom draperies will likely sell best locally (at least to start). Build yourself a small website and sell local advertising on the internet. It’s easier than you might thing and this type of advertising can really bring in extra customers!

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