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Handmade Birdhouses Business Idea

If you have woodworking skills, building birdhouses is a way for you to use those skills and make money at the same time. Backyard bird watching and feeding is an extremely popular hobby for millions. In addition to nature lovers, birdhouses have become a form of home decor and are popular decorative accessories.

Customers will be attracted to your birdhouses for both their functionality and their style. With a limited investment, the ability to work from your home or out of your garage, and the right tools and skilled wood crafting, building birdhouses can be an enjoyable way to earn extra money.

Building Birdhouses

Attractive, unique, and well-built birdhouses are in constant demand. Designs range from rustic to elegant and everything in between. A thorough knowledge of construction materials, preservation methods, and decorating techniques will be required. If you plan to sell functional birdhouses, conduct research into the local bird population and the entrance hole requirements.

Some birds require an entrance no larger than an inch, others need larger entrances. Ensure that the materials you use are not harmful to the birds or other wildlife. Speak with local birdwatching organization members to learn about the birds in your area.

If you design your own birdhouses, make plans that can be used as templates for future birdhouse construction. Create model birdhouses to show prospective customers. Browse the internet for free birdhouse plans. Most plans include parts, material, and hardware lists, as well as detailed instructions and construction tips. Become skilled in building a variety of birdhouse styles and types.

Becoming Successful

Building birdhouses and making money requires that you are skilled in making various types of birdhouses and offering a wide range of choices. Customized birdhouses are popular with many customers. When used in a decorating theme, customers may require a specific style and color. Offering customized services is a great way to increase your sales.

Always use the highest quality materials for your birdhouses. The paints and woods you use should be highly durable and long-lasting. Ensure that your products meet the requirements of your customers and are safe for use around wildlife. Great looking, high quality birdhouses should become your signature.

Develop a portfolio or catalog of birdhouses you have built so that potential customers can see examples of your work. Rent booths at local flea markets, craft shows, and carnivals to sell your creations. The more ways you find to display your work, the more customers you will have.

Come up with novel ideas. Wood is not the only material that can be used when making birdhouses. Other creative ideas include coffee cans and plastic bottles.

Expanding Your Birdhouse Business

There are millions of bird hobbyists in the United States. Building birdhouses is a small part of the market. There are a variety of ways to expand and earn even more.

Some ideas include:

  • Sell bird feeding items, such as seed and suet
  • Build bird feeders
  • Sell online through your own web site
  • Build wood decorative items, such as magazine racks, small tables, and clocks
  • Open a retail outlet
  • Teach woodworking classes
  • Sell your custom birdhouse plans

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