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Green Roof Growing Business Idea

If you’ve been looking for a way to get your foot in the door with the growing environmentally-friendly construction industry, learn how to start a green roof growing business. In addition to creating a visual spectacle that is sure to draw attention, a green roof saves energy by preventing heat loss and protects the environment by capturing storm water.

Unlike a traditional garden, or even the typical roof-top garden, growing a green roof takes a tremendous amount of planning to ensure that no part of the building is damaged. As businesses continue to be interested in advertising an environmentally-conscious operation, the demand for green roof construction is sure to grow.

When you start a green roof growing business, it might be best to operate out of your home. In fact, creating your own green roof could be the best way to demonstrate your skills. Because you may be building a substantial amount of items for the green roof, you’ll need both hand and power tools in addition to gardening items.

Many green roofs include automatic watering systems and filtration systems. If you’re not going to contract this part of the project to a sub-contractor, you will need plumbing supplies and tools, as well.

What It Takes To Start A Green Roof Growing Business

Green roofs have been around for centuries, but they’re fairly new as a business venture. The Green Roofs for Healthy Cities has developed a certification program called the Green Roof Professional (GRP) Accreditation Program to test the skills of prospective green roofers.

To start a green roof growing business, you will need knowledge about more than how to grow a few plants. This business combines the fields of engineering, architecture, waterproofing, landscape architecture, and horticulture.

In addition to the GRP certificate, each area’s building codes will need to be studied in-depth. You will be liable for substantial penalties if you don’t make sure each property is still up to code when your project is finished. You also need to ensure that you have all applicable contractor licenses, business licenses and necessary insurance before you get started with this business.

Keys To Green Business Success

To be successful when you start a green roof growing business, it is important to create an attractive garden area that meets the client’s goals without damaging the building in anyway. While the client’s main objective could be to advertise their green building or to actually save on their utility bills, they will probably want to show it off a little bit, too.

Make sure that your green roofs are just as attractive as they are functional. A thoroughly satisfied customer is much more likely to tell their friends and business associates about your great service and use your green roof business again. Above all else, make sure that your green roof never causes either water damage to the building or a collapsed structure.

Where (And How) Do I Find Customers?

To find customers for your new business, develop a website that shows pictures of green roofs that you have completed, explains the benefits of a green roof, and details your services. Build your own green roof and invite newspaper, television, and radio reporters to come by for a closer look to generate a little free advertising.

Print out pamphlets that you can leave at local greenhouses and building supply companies. Spend time educating the public about the value of a green roof. Join your local chamber of commerce or small business association. Attend meetings and explain how valuable it would be to advertise the fact that a business operates out of a green building.

Expansion Opportunities

Once your green roofing business is successful, you may want to expand. If you would like to stay within the green industry, you could design solar or wind energy systems, create organic vegetable gardens, or even provide training on the best way to create a green roof. For those who enjoy the construction aspects, create a new company to build roofs, additions, or entire homes that are energy efficient.

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