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Green Cleaning Products Business Idea

A new way of making money is to sell green cleaning products from home.

There are several ways to approach starting up this business.

You can work from home by contacting local businesses and showing them your products, or you can contact local cleaning and maid service companies to make presentations for your line of products.

Like other businesses, you should have adequate liability insurance and coverage for your warehouse stock and supplies, and knowing a little about bookkeeping and basic taxes can save you money too.

Shipping and handling will also be a good part of your business as you receive products from suppliers and ship them out to customers. Great customer service is always a plus for any successful business.

You can advertise in local papers, flyers, and community billboards, or create a short television program for your local cable station.

It is also wise to create a website and sell products online.

Finding Suppliers

To sell green cleaning products from home, you will need suppliers. You can find them easily on the internet, or could also choose to work as a formal reseller for a manufacturer.

You could also develop your own line of products under a private label and sell them at parties, to local stores, or nationwide.

How To Sell Green Cleaning Products From Home

As you begin to sell green cleaning products from home, you will encounter some resistance because they are more expensive.

You should appeal to your customer’s green brain instead by trying to sell the aspect of protecting the environment and the world’s future resources.

You can combine your green cleaning products with other organic products, natural cleaning materials like reusable cotton towels, and other green living wares.

For expansion, use your website, offer free classes, write and sell small books, or start your own affiliate program to increase your sales.

Always remember that your key goal is to sell green cleaning products from home so you can enjoy being at home and still make a great living while at the same time protecting the environment.

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