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Gift Basket Business Idea

If you love putting together creative, unique gifts, learn more about how to start a gift basket business

Gift baskets are used for all occasions, from birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and holidays. They are given as gifts from individuals and from businesses.

In order to start a gift basket business, you should have a creative yet organized mind, a sense of fun and a love of shopping. You should also be creative and find several niche ideas for how to start a gift basket business.

People who run a gift basket company will need to put together a variety of goodies, perhaps related to a theme, and package them in the basket in an attractive way. Many people love giving gift baskets because they can be custom made to suit an individual.

In addition to custom or standard baskets, many gift baskets have a theme. A basket intended to pamper might have soothing bath salts, creamy hand lotion and a CD of relaxing music. A chocoholic’s basket might have a variety of fudge, truffles, fondue and recipes.

The gift giver may have suggestions of a basket based on the recipient’s interests, or he may need ideas from you – valuable input when learning how to start a gift basket business!

How To Start A Gift Basket Business – Keys To Success

For standard gift baskets, you’ll need the baskets and whatever treats you wish to include. While initially you can keep a low stock and buy items as needed, as you grow you may consider bulk ordering to save costs.

You’ll need organized storage space for your inventory, a table for assembly, and craft supplies such as shrink-wrap and a glue gun.

You will also need time to shop. Especially when you first start, and for each custom basket, be sure to count the search and retrieval time in your estimate for delivery. Try to build relationships with your favorite gift basket wholesalers —they may clue you in on specials and new items.

You will also need a way to accept payment for baskets ordered in person. You may want to invoice via e-mail and accept online credit card payment.

How to Get the Word Out

There are several ways to get your gift basket business noticed:

  • Develop a website with information about and pictures of your baskets. Make sure your website contains a shopping cart so you can fill orders online. Form a low-tech version with a brochure that you can hand out.
  • Hand out professional business cards to everyone you meet.
  • Donate gift baskets to your school for a silent auction, or give as gifts for business occasions. Be sure to have your business card and brochure included in the basket.
  • Be sneaky. Consider it an investment to give your husband’s boss a great basket that both he and his wife can use. She may be the one making their gift decisions!
  • Develop a mailing list of local corporate contacts, and periodically send them a post card reminding them of upcoming holidays, and of your services. In addition to the most popular ones of Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays, help your clients consider some of the lesser-known holidays.

January 11th is National Thank You Day—a perfect opportunity for a corporation to thank a special client with a basket of gourmet goodies.

National Golf Day (October 4th) provides a natural theme for a basket with golf balls, tees, a gift certificate to a round of golf at the local club and some delicious snacks.

Visit your local craft store periodically to get ideas, and consider contacting an organization like National Specialty Gift Association ( for information on trade shows.

Use your flair to create a gift for yourself: a successful business.

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  1. amber November 17, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    I thought this was a very helpful idea. I have been wanting to start a small business and I love putting together gift baskets.

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