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Gardening Business Idea

If you have been thinking about how to start a gardening business, there really couldn’t be a better time. Flower and vegetable gardening is more popular than ever. Retail sales of plants and gardening supplies have skyrocketed in recent years.

In addition to gardening stores, freelance professionals, like gardeners and landscapers, are in constant demand. A gardening business is not only worthwhile, but it can be profitable as well.

As you learn about how to start a gardening business, you will find that you have many options for moving forward. Retail gardening businesses must compete with big box stores, so finding a niche is a plus. For example, you may choose to offer only organic, environmentally friendly plants, fertilizers, pest control, and supplies.

You may have training and expertise in certain types of gardening, which sets you apart from the staff at larger stores. Choose to offer products or services that no one else in the area does.

Another option is to freelance as either a gardener or landscaper. Both require specific expertise and will require business and tax licenses. Additional testing and certifications may also be required. Check your local regulations.

How To Start A Gardening Business – Keys To Success

Your research into how to start a gardening business should help you plan for every contingency. In most regions, selling plants and the planting process happens during only a part of the year. A retail gardening store will flourish year round, however, if it stocks a variety of tools and supplies.

For example, if you stock your store with seasonal items, such as snow shovels in the winter, sales will continue even when actual gardening cannot.

If you are not already an expert on local gardening conditions, become one. Climate, average rainfall, and soil conditions vary from place to place. Learn which plants grow well in the region and how best to care for them.

Maintain healthy plant stock. Work only with high quality greenhouses and thoroughly inspect all plants before buying. Successful gardening store business owners, gardeners, and landscapers all know that they are judged by the quality of the plants they offer.

If you are thinking about becoming a freelance gardener or landscaper, remember that your work will be seen by many people and will be a testament to its quality. Always deliver the highest quality services for the optimum success.

Finding Customers and Clients

Conventional advertising through print and online media is only the first step in finding customers for gardening freelancers or retail stores. Other ideas to find customers include:

  • Hold gardening workshops on various subjects.
  • Contribute to charity events.
  • Have a booth at the home and garden show.
  • Attend local business events.
  • Print brochures and leave them in various places.
  • Sell specialty flowers and plans at your local farmers market.

Retail gardening stores often increase their profit margin by offering additional items that are of interest to gardeners. Gardening books, decor, and holiday decorations are appealing sidelines. Freelancers might look at moving beyond residential gardening or landscaping to obtaining ongoing contracts with hospitals, schools, businesses, and other institutions. Freelancers should have a growing portfolio of landscaping accomplishments to show potential clients.

There are millions of home gardeners and even more people who love to relax in the garden, but don’t have time to maintain it themselves. As you learn more about how to start a gardening business, you can rest assured that there is a market to tap into if you work hard and plan carefully.

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