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Garage Door Installation Business Idea

Every garage needs a door. This presents an obvious opportunity for those looking to get into business for themselves. Therefore, if you start a garage door business, you have a lot of potential customers in virtually any market.

The first opportunity for those who start a garage door business is the sale of new doors. It should be fairly easy to get customers to add installation to the purchase. Most people either don’t want to get into a big installation job or simply don’t have the needed skills.

Doors of many types can be offered. Automatic garage doors are a popular choice, but manual doors are still chosen by some homeowners. For a successful business, try to match the price level evident on already-existing homes. Offer a few garage doors on the extremes of your area’s price range as well as the middle, so the non-average home can be serviced as well.

Repairs are the other big part of this type of a business. Many people would rather have their old door fixed to save the expense of putting in a new one, especially if they think a minor repair is all that will be needed. In some areas, the bulk of a garage door business will likely be repairs rather than new door installations.

Equipment Needed When You Start Your Garage Door Business

To start a garage door business, certain equipment will be needed. Basic tools include ladders, drills, screwdrivers, and both open-end and hex wrenches. For the installation of automatic doors, some electrician’s tools will also be needed. These include pliers and wire strippers. Wire cutters may also be needed. Of course, if someone buys a new door from you, you’ll need to bring it along to its final location too.

Tools aren’t the only equipment needed. You’ll also need a suitable and secure truck to bring the new door and tools to the customer’s location. Preferably the truck will be nice and new-looking – this will inspire more confidence in your customers. Paint your company name on the side or use magnetic signage for added professionalism.

Insurance isn’t “equipment” in the true sense of the word, but it’s absolutely necessary to protect you from being negatively affected by any damage or injury claims. As a garage door installer or repair company you’ll be liable if certain things go wrong, so make sure you’re properly covered. Work with your insurance agent to ensure you have all of the proper coverage in place – especially if you hire employees.

Finally, many doors are too big for one person to install alone. Expect to hire at least one helper.

Skills Needed

The skills or training needed vary both on the type of door to be installed or fixed and on the local regulations. Automatic doors use electricity, so electrical know-how is necessary. In some areas, an electrician’s license may be mandated. Manual doors can be installed or fixed by someone with good handyman skill and the ability to read directions.

However, there may still be specific licensing requirements depending on the area of operation. Check with your local governing body to be sure you have all the business and contractor licensing you need.

When you start a garage door business, you have many methods available for finding customers. The Yellow Pages ad is common, and should be part of your marketing arsenal, but don’t stop there. Sending out flyers in your preferred coverage area is another good idea.

You can also drive around and specifically target houses whose garage doors look like they need help or outright replacement. Putting up a website is another good idea. You should use multiple methods of advertising to have the best chance of finding all possible customers.

By taking care to examine your target market and making sure you offer the right selection of services for the area, you have a good chance of making money when you start a garage door business.

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