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Fundraising Consultant Business Idea

So many good causes can use your expertise if you know how to become a fundraising consultant.

From charity fundraising and church fundraising, to raising money for individuals or corporations, it takes planning and expertise to make a money-raising effort successful.

What a Fundraising Consultant Does

The Red Cross and other agencies may be well versed in working with the public to ask for donations, but not every organization has that staffing or experience, especially when the fundraising is for an ad hoc cause. Your business specialty will be to help groups plan and execute fundraising events across a broad range of causes.

A neighborhood may want to raise funds to help an ill child, or a high school may need to raise money so the band can attend a special event. A church may want to raise money to expand its programs. A hospital may need to raise millions to build a new wing.

A fundraising consultant will work with the client to help develop a budget. You’ll need to know both the fundraising goal and what the budget is for expenses such as advertising the event. Next, you’ll need to know your target audience.

In some cases, it may be obvious – a church may target its members, however you should also think of whom else might be affected or interested in your cause and include them as well.

Next, you’ll help your client think of fundraising ideas. From selling candy, donuts or magazine subscriptions, to jumping rope, doing a walk or run, hosting events or just getting outright donations, the possibilities are varied.

Your client may want to select the idea based on the cost of doing it, the history of success of that type of fundraiser, the amount of volunteers needed to pull it off and the time of year it will occur.

Getting People Interested in Your Cause

By learning how to become a fundraising consultant, you will need to help your client figure out a way to make their cause one that still connects to the public.

Personalizing the cause often helps. If it’s a fundraiser for a sick child, it’s easy to have pictures of the child when he was healthy, and ask people to help the child get back that way again.

If the fundraiser is for an organization, pick out a person who will benefit from the effort. Let’s say a church is expanding so it will have an after school program. Focus on a child who is struggling to with homework because he comes home to an empty house after school. “Let’s help Jamie B. make an A on his next test. Together.”

As a fundraiser, much of the advertising will be grass roots, but don’t overlook using technology – MySpace and other social networking are excellent ways for viral communication. Also, check out opportunities for people to donate online.

How To Become A Fundraising Consultant

While there are no licenses or certifications needed to be a fundraising consultant, larger organizations will want to see a history of results before they hire you. You may have a better chance with smaller clients.

As a fundraising consultant, you’ll need to be organized, energetic, and passionate about whatever cause you’re working on. You will also need to have outstanding marketing/sales skills, people skills and leadership ability.

Your clients will count on you to get results, and you will need to stay on top of the process to make sure the fundraising effort is going the way you intended.

If you’ve never done any fundraising, start small. Schools are often raising funds. Talk with the local PTA and volunteer to coordinate a fundraising effort. Track your success, and use that information to get the next job.

Continue building and networking to build your home business – learn how to become a fundraising consultant today.

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