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Freelance Writer Business Idea

If you love putting words on paper, why not do it for money and learn how to become a freelance writer?

A freelance writing career is a great business from home because it requires minimal overhead, gives you a flexible full or part-time schedule, and allows you to do what you enjoy.

What Does a Freelance Writer Do?

A freelance writer may write fiction or non-fiction articles for magazines, newspapers, online publications or other businesses.

Sometimes the writer generates the ideas; other times, the client generates them. If you enjoy working on a variety of projects, this may be the perfect business for you.

How to Become a Freelance Writer

Although a journalism or English degree is certainly handy, it’s not necessary when learning how to become a freelance writer. If, however, you need to brush up on your grammar or language skills, do take a class. As a freelance writer, your writing should be error-free.

Next, figure out what type of writing you want to do, and determine if a market exists for it.

You may enjoy writing poetry, however the opportunities for selling poems are limited. Non-fiction writing has more opportunities because there are more magazines and newspapers that can use your work.

One of the biggest areas for freelance opportunities is in business writing. Freelance writers help startups develop business plans, help established businesses create web content, newsletters, sales pages and other marketing collateral.

Once you’ve determined the type of writing you would like to pursue, it helps to narrow that focus even further. Draw on your experiences and write on subjects you know. Did you work as a teacher? Research and write about educational issues.

Worked in health care? Write about health care needs for baby boomers. Becoming an expert in your field of interest will give your writing credibility.

Where to Find Writing Jobs

Although writers enjoy the act of self-expression, many of them write because they also want to earn money. Fortunately, there are many ways for a freelance writer to do both.


You can submit article suggestions to editors at newspapers and magazines. If the editor is interested, she will contact you and negotiate a fee. With some publications, you will be paid only if the article is ultimately published. Writer’s Market is the standard publication for learning every step of the submission process.


You may work with companies or individuals directly, helping to create their business literature. Networking with your local business organizations will give you an opportunity to meet company leaders. You can also contact them directly, asking if they ever have a need for freelance writers. With companies downsizing their departments, they often have a need to hire temporary professional help.


If you have a hot topic you’d like to write about, you could start a blog and get paid by the advertisers that appear on your site.

Online Job Sites

Job sites such as and act as matchmakers between businesses and individuals who need writing done, and writers who want to undertake the project.

Check your library or bookstore for more guides on how to become a freelance writer. If you have a love of words, coupled with creativity and tenacity, a writing career is waiting for you.

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