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Food Delivery Business Idea

How would you like to bring excitement and variety to every employee’s day by starting a food delivery business?

Imagine: it’s lunchtime in corporate America, but for many employees, there isn’t time to leave the office, run to a restaurant, stand in line, gobble down the meal, and get back to work.

Instead, they may bring a bag lunch, eat in the cafeteria, or worse, go to the vending machine.

With a food delivery business, you could offer food from a variety of restaurants and bring it to customers directly.

How to Get Started with a Food Delivery Business

In order to start this business, you should think of two groups to target: restaurants and customers. To be successful, you’ll need to have enough of both.

Determine an area that has both a number of restaurants and a good base for customers. A metropolitan area is a good start.

Contact restaurant managers with your proposal to deliver food, with you charging a delivery fee. Try to get offerings from several types of restaurants, i.e. places serving sandwiches, Chinese, pizza, Mexican, or vegetarian to give your customers enough choices without being too cumbersome.

Target customers in groups—larger office buildings with many employees will give you more potential customers than buildings with fewer employees, so you’ll make fewer stops.

Once you’ve got your restaurants lined up and your customers in focus, it’s time to get started.

Develop a website where you can post the menus, and let customers order online. Make sure to add a shopping cart so they can pay using a credit card or Paypal.

You will need to set up an account with the restaurants so you can pay them for the meals.

Have a cell phone so customers can call you directly. Also have a payment plan so you can accept credit cards or cash upon delivery of the food.

Have reliable transportation and a backup plan for emergencies. In your car, make sure you have insulated wrappers so you can keep foods hot or cold.

Expanding Your Food Delivery Business

You can have a successful lunchtime business, but what happens the rest of the day? You could use the same skills to offer deliveries for other businesses.

If you have a local food store in your town, you could begin a grocery delivery business. Typically independent businesses are more open to (and in need of) a service that helps them compete with the bigger chains. You could arrange grocery deliveries for the early morning, late afternoon or weekends so you’re still available for your lunchtime business.

You could also offer a home delivery business for other types of businesses, such as dry cleaners and pharmacies. Additionally, you could offer courier services to small businesses. Law offices and other companies could benefit from having papers delivered immediately.

Similarly, many customers (think EBay entrepreneurs) could benefit by you picking up their packages and taking them to the post office.

With a reliable transportation, some planning and a lot of hustle, you can establish a food delivery business that has unlimited potential.

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