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Firewood Delivery Business Idea

If you are looking for a business that takes advantage of fluctuating heating fuel prices, starting a firewood delivery business may be the answer. The recent hikes in natural gas prices have brought in a new era of profitability for alternative types of heating.

In today’s market, many firewood suppliers are struggling to stay ahead of the demand. Consumers are concerned with heating their homes and many are interested in having back up heating systems, in case of power outages. A firewood delivery business is in a position to capitalize on these needs.

Starting A Firewood Delivery Business

A firewood business owner must follow strict regulations when starting a firewood delivery business. Check your local laws regarding the chopping of trees in your area. Laws vary, but many states and local governments regulate the movement of specific types of wood from locale to locale. For example, some counties may temporarily ban the selling of hardwood cut from a particular region.

Firewood is measured by a unit called a cord. A cord has the following dimensions: 8 feet in length, 4 feet in width, and 4 feet in height. One cord of firewood releases the same amount of heat when burned as 155 gallons of fuel oil. A cord of firewood typically costs much less than its heating oil counterpart, making it a more economic choice for customers with wood burning stoves and fireplaces.

Prepare your wood drying facility. Naturally dried wood pieces will not necessarily have the uniformity of length that artificially dried wood has, but many customers will appreciate the fact that you are drying wood naturally instead of using artificial means.

Kiln dried wood is another alternative to consider. It is much drier than sun-dried wood. These pieces can also be given a uniform size and have less chance of growing mold or attracting insects than their sun-dried counterparts.

Owning a Successful Firewood Delivery Business

The proper stacking of the wood in a cord will be crucial to your success. Failure to do so will invite customer complaints. The cord should be made of wood pieces that are parallel to each other and no space between the pieces should be visible.

Provide a detailed receipt to your customers for each delivery. The receipt should contain the names and contact details of the buyer as well as seller. It should also specify the price, quantity of cords, and the type of wood sold and delivered.

As an added precaution, unstack and re-stack the existing wood in the customer’s firewood storage area when they take a delivery. Keeping the newly delivered wood separate from the existing supply will prevent disputes later.

Keep up with heating oil prices. Prices can fluctuate wildly and knowing fuel prices will assist you when competitively pricing your firewood and delivery services.

Expanding Your Firewood Business

Starting a firewood delivery business and acquiring a solid customer base may lead to expanding your business in order to keep growing.

Expansion ideas include:

  • Sales of fireplace accessories, such as shovels, tongs, screens, and other tools
  • Add a fireplace cleaning service
  • Snow removal and shoveling
  • Household winterizing services

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