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Event Planner Business Idea

If your own parties and celebrations are worthy of the “A” list, think about becoming an event planner.

As an event planner, you can help others plan and produce their special occasions while you make money. Event planning can even be started on a shoestring budget as a home based business.

The event planning business is a growing one. According to Dr. Joe Goldblatt, founder of the International Special Events Society, $500 billion dollars is spent on event planning worldwide each year.

So with your own planning and creativity, you can get a piece of that pie by becoming an event planner.

How an Event Planner Works

As an event planner, you may plan a special event, such as a grand opening, a fundraiser or a graduation. You may plan a party for a child or adult. You may plan a business event such as a corporate golf outing or a company holiday party. You may find yourself planning a wedding, making sure everything runs smoothly.

No matter what type of event you are planning, much of the preparation is similar. Your first step is to meet with the client and do a thorough interview so you have a clear idea of what he or she wants, and is willing to spend. Next, you can get your creative juices flowing as you come up with ideas to make their vision real, or to suggest even better ideas.

You’ll meet with the client again, finalize the project, firm up the budget, and then you’re ready to get going.

Depending on the scope of the project and the degree of decision-making your client entrusts in you, you may recommend restaurants and other party sites. You’ll also interview and hire caterers and entertainers. You will make sure all details of the party are planned and executed, with contingencies available for the inevitable hiccup.

Typically you’ll attend the event, making sure everything unfolds as planned. The event planning business requires flexibility, both in nature and in time. Many events are held in the evening and on weekends, so you’ll need to be available.

Becoming An Event Planner

It’s hard to trust a special event to a newcomer, so you may need to prove yourself on a smaller scale first. Volunteer to plan a few school or neighborhood events, making them such successes that people are asking for your business card (which you will have, of course).

Promote the events you are planning in your local newspaper, and send clippings to businesses with your brochure and a note letting them know about your services. Set up a website to promote your business, and include a blog with party planning tips, or funny stories of problems you’ve solved.

Networking will also help you build trust with others. Join local business and neighborhood organizations so people will get to know you.

Get to know your resources. Where are the party venues in your town? What about the best source for party rentals and party supplies? Read the business and announcement sections of your paper so you have a pulse on upcoming events.

For additional experience, take classes on event planning online or at schools. You can also receive certification as an event planning professional. The International Special Events Society ( offers a voluntary certification for experienced planners.

With a combination of creativity and practicality, you can be on your way building a great business by becoming an event planner.

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