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Employment Staffing Business Idea

If you’ve ever worked in human resources, you may want to apply your knowledge by learning how to start a staffing company. This type of business venture would require you to maintain a list of dependable contacts in the business world that you could hire for both short term projects and full-time employment.

You would be expected to interview each job candidate, verify their information, and match them up with a position. To ensure that they will be able to perform in certain job categories, you may want to provide skills assessments that will ensure that each candidate possesses the required talents for the intended jobs.

For security sensitive jobs, you may need to provide background checks, drug testing, and a bonding service.

How To Start A Staffing Company – Get Started

While learning how to start a staffing company, consider where you should locate your new business. If you will be expecting your clients to meet in your office, you should have a respectable location with attractive furnishings.

For staffers who plan on meeting with their clients remotely, the office location and furnishings can be scaled back. Make sure that you have plenty of office space for people to wait for interviews as well as quiet areas where your new workers can fill out paperwork or complete assessments.

A computer system and software will be required to keep track of each employer and employee as well as a set of pre-printed applications, contracts, invoices, and other forms.

Training And Certification

You do not need any special training or certification when deciding how to start a staffing company, but basic business skills and a long list of contacts will be critical to your success. Keep in mind that the Federal government and many states have a long list of laws that protect employees from discrimination and other unfair practices.

Violators have been known to spend years in courtrooms defending their actions and paying high judgments if they are found to be at fault. Make sure that you know these laws inside and out. If you don’t understand any part of the regulations, find a lawyer experienced in these matters to help.

As with any business, make sure that you conform to all of the local laws and regulations, acquire the necessary business licenses, and purchase the suggested insurance coverage. Your insurance agent can help you decide what coverage you’ll need.

Establishing Your Contact List

Before most people decided to learn how to start a staffing company, they have a list of prior business contacts that have a need for new employees on either a permanent or temporary basis. In addition to these potential clients, you should join every local business association that you can find as well as the local chamber of commerce.

Most job searches are about whom you know even more than what you know. Personal networking will bring in more business than any advertisement program. Make sure that you always have a supply of business cards no matter where you go and hand them out.

For prospective employees and contractors to find your job offerings, a few online ads on job search sites, your own website, or newspaper ads will make your phone ring off the hook. Most states also have an unemployment agency that would be more than happy to list your job postings.

Growing Your Staffing Agency

Once your staffing agency is well-established, you may think about expanding. If you know that there is a specific skill-set that is in short supply but in high demand, consider starting a training program geared specifically for that professional discipline. You may also want to expand into other staffing areas.

If you’ve been staffing office workers, consider trying to find employment for high-tech workers, management candidates, or even cleaning crews. Opening another office in a neighboring town or city could be another expansion opportunity.

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