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Editing Service Business Idea

You could turn your attention to detail into a lucrative business venture by learning how to start an editing service. This business operation involves reviewing the written material produced by other writers for grammar and mechanical errors.

Most editing companies have the capability to receive their work in either a printed or electronic format and to deliver the finished product in a similar manner. Of course, with today’s word processing tools, editing is a much simpler process when working with electronic media.

When you learn how to start an editing service, you’ll have many different options to consider. This flexible business will allow you to work full- or part-time, from your home or from a standard office.

You can edit short articles, web content, technical manuals, e-books, or traditional books. If you decide to restrict your editing efforts to strictly electronic formats, you’ll be able to limit your equipment needs to a basic computer, word processing software, and grammar manuals.

While an editing service can have extremely low start-up costs as a home-based business, the sky is the limit if you would like to open an actual office and receive authors and publishers in person.

How To Start An Editing Service – Prerequisites

While an English degree would be an excellent credential when you are deciding how to start an editing service, it’s not a hard requirement. You won’t need any specific training or licensing to edit written material.

However, you will need to demonstrate your ability to get the job done. A portfolio and references that demonstrate your past successes can show prospective clients that you are qualified to smooth the rough edges from their creative works.

You may want to join a professional organization like The American Copy Editors Society (ACES) for training opportunities and the latest in industry trends.

Key Factors For Success

To operate a successful editing service, you should strive to produce error-free material and finish your projects on-time or ahead of schedule. When possible, provide constructive criticism in a non-offensive way to your clients.

Because you will have the advantage of exposure to many different writing styles, you’ll often be more aware of the strengths and weaknesses of written material. As you share your knowledge and your writers become more successful, your reputation as an excellent editor will spread, and your business should grow.

Remember that the literary world is full of editing services. To survive and become successful, you will need to set your services apart from the competition.

Where To Find Customers

Part of learning how to start an editing service will be finding customers. When you consider that you are literally surrounded by written material both in the real world and online, you would think that writers would be knocking down your door begging for your help.

However, most writers feel that they are perfectly qualified to edit their own material. You will need to not only make them aware of your services, but to convince them of your value. Create a website that can be found by the popular search engines that explain your services and how they can improve written material.

Make sure that you’re listed on other sites that offer editing services. Purchase advertising space in periodicals that target writers. Run a few local ads that offer your editing service. Many non-professional writers and students may be willing to use your copy editing services.

Growing Your Editing Business

Once your editing service is successful, you may begin to think about expanding. You could always hire more editors to handle additional writing. Other expansion opportunities could include starting a publishing house, creating a new magazine, or training other editors.

If you would like to help others get started, you could write your own book that explains how to start an editing service or provide hands-on training courses to help others get started in this industry.

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