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eBay Business Idea

Wondering how to start an eBay business? You’re not alone. Since its inception in 1995, millions of people have joined EBay to buy and sell items.

Pierre Omidyar, a computer programmer, had no idea of the magnitude his experiment would have on internet business.

He wanted to show that an open market that gave information and opportunities could create an efficient marketplace.

One weekend, he set up an online business called Auction House. He put one item up for sale: a broken laser pointer.

To his surprise, a customer contacted him and wanted to buy the pointer for $14.83. It turned out that the customer collected not just laser pointers, but broken laser pointers. Omidyar realized the potential of internet selling, and EBay was born.

Today, EBay is a global online marketplace with more than 84.5 million members worldwide. Anyone with an internet connection can go online and look through more than 50,000 categories to shop, buy or sell.

Because it is an online auction, customers bid for products and the highest bid wins. However, because there are a number of sellers on EBay as well, prices remain competitive.

What Do People Sell On EBay?

You can find almost anything you want on EBay. Categories include baby gear, antiques, electronics, art, books, clothing, shoes, crafts, musical instruments, movies, books, toys, jewelry, and event tickets.

You can even find businesses for sale and even cars. Items may be new or used, and the sellers make that clear in their descriptions.

How To Start An EBay Business

Starting a business on EBay is easy. You need a computer with internet access, a digital camera, and a reliable way to mail products to customers.

Now, what will you focus on how to sell on EBay successfully? It could be something you make yourself, or something that you buy and resell. As with any business, you’ll need to do the research to make sure there is a large enough market for your product. One person may collect broken laser pointers, but will many others?

Become familiar with the EBay website at It is easily navigated, and once you log in you will be guided through the steps for buying or selling.

You can look at the What’s Hot page to get an idea of some of the best sellers. Also look in your local stores and read the business sections in newspapers to stay on top of trends.

Next, determine your price. Although it is an auction, if your price is too high you won’t get customers. Do your research and determine a fair price. Be sure to include shipping expenses.

Develop a clear description of your item using keywords and include the item size and condition. Take a picture of the item with your digital camera and download this into the description as well. This will give customers a better idea of the item.

Respond to customers promptly to build trust and increase customer satisfaction.

Finally, once the auction is closed and you have a buyer, send the item promptly. Contact the U.S. Postal Service for ideas on how to streamline your mailing from home.

Buyers are invited to evaluate the seller, so the more satisfied customers you have, the better you will look to other potential customers.

With a great idea and a useful product, you can exponentially increase your market by having learnt how to start an EBay business.

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