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Duct Cleaning Business Idea

With a growing consumer interest in preventing indoor air pollution, now is the perfect time to consider starting a duct cleaning business.

Ducts are part of a home’s HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. Air travels through the ducts from the furnace or air condition to all rooms of the home, exiting through vents, then returning.

When the air traveling through the home becomes dirty, the ducts carry that dirt throughout the house. Cleaning the ducts can help remove pollens and allergens from the air.

The impact of indoor air pollution received national attention in 1976, when the American Legion held a convention at a hotel in Philadelphia to celebrate the country’s bicentennial.

Within two days of the beginning of the convention, members began to get sick with pneumonia. Over 200 people became sick, and 34 died from what became known as Legionnaire’s Disease.

After intensive research, the Center for Disease Control found that the bacteria causing the disease was in the hotel’s air conditioning unit, which circulated it via ducts, around the hotel.

While there has not been another incident with the impact of Legionnaire’s disease, people began to look at indoor air pollution and “sick” buildings as a concern.

What This Means For Your Duct Cleaning Business

People want to make sure that the air that they and their family breathe is safe and clean. A duct cleaning business can help ensure that is so.

What Duct Cleaning Equipment Is Needed?

Ducts are cleaned by vacuum, and there are generally two types: a truck-mounted one and a portable one. The truck-mounted vacs are typically more powerful, but the portable ones allow you to get closer to the actual duct area.

You can buy or lease the vacuums. You will also need various brushes and devices for cleaning the insides of ducts. Depending on the material of the duct, you will need to use a different type of brush.

You will also need to inspect the inside of the duct. Many duct cleaners use this method to show customers their ducts need cleaning. You can buy a video inspection camera that can show all of the dust, dirt and mold in a duct, or you can go low tech with a flashlight and a mirror.

Interested in a Franchise Opportunity?

If you want to start a duct cleaning business, but don’t want to go it alone, consider becoming part of a franchise, which often will give you training and other startup resources.

Expand Your Duct Cleaning Business

The duct cleaning business augments other home business ideas quite easily. If you have a dryer vent cleaning business, pressure washing business, or construction business, offering another service will enhance your chances to win customers.

Because most homes do not need duct cleaning more than every few years, it helps to have other businesses to offer.

For more information on starting a duct cleaning business, contact the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, or the Environmental Protection Agency.

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