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Dry Cleaning Delivery Business Idea

For a low cost, profitable business opportunity, how about starting a dry cleaning delivery service?

As people get busier and busier, it is often hard to find time to get regular errands done.

Dropping off and picking up dry cleaning is one of those irritating tasks that nobody likes, but that has to be done. Or does it?

What if you could leave your dirty clothes in a bag outside your front door, and it would get picked up and then magically reappear a few days later, on hangers, clean and pressed?

What if you knew that every Tuesday you could bring your suits with you to your office and they would get picked up and be returned so you could wear them by Thursday?

You can make this happen with a dry cleaning delivery service.

Starting a Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

Fortunately, you don’t need to know a ton about the dry cleaning business in order to develop a delivery business. You do need to find a dry cleaner that you like, who does good work and is reliable.

Find out if they will do work for wholesale prices. That will give you the price break so you can charge a delivery fee and not have the total price be prohibitive for the customer. The cleaners can be convenient for you, but you’ll still want to find one that is central to your client base, in order to cut down on commuting time and gas.

Next, scope out potential clients. Ideally, you’ll look for clusters of clients, which means focusing on neighborhoods where you can hand out hundreds of business cards and brochures. This may mean single-family homes, townhouses or apartment complexes—all represent a concentrated group of potential clients.

Also consider going to businesses—buildings with hundreds of employees represent an ideal market.

What You’ll Need for Your Business

Your most noticeable piece of equipment will be your mode of transportation. It needs to be big enough to transport clothing on hangers without them getting wrinkled. You may see if additional hanging bars can be put in your vehicle to give you additional capacity.

Because you are bringing clean clothes to your customers, your transportation needs to be extremely clean, inside and out. Since this is a staple of your business, your vehicle must be reliable, and you should have a plan for a backup in case you have any type of car trouble.

Classy laundry bags for clients to put their dirty clothes in are necessary.

You will also need to have a system for keeping track of pickups and deliveries, as well as a payment system. A cell phone is also necessary so customers can call you to arrange an unscheduled run.

Your personal appearance as you make deliveries can’t be overlooked. Although many people may not even be home when you come, you need to convey your professionalism in your dress, perhaps even dressed in a uniform.

As You Grow…

While you may begin your business within a certain radius, you can continue to expand your delivery and pickup area. Other dry cleaners may be interested in using your services too, which you can do, but be sure to avoid a conflict of interest with your current supplier.

You accomplish this by forming a relationship with a dry cleaning franchise in your town.

With planning and diligence, you can make a success from starting a dry cleaning delivery service.

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