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Drug Rehab Business Idea

By learning how to start a drug rehab facility, you can apply your knowledge of counseling and substance abuse to a new business venture. Drug addiction is a growing problem, and the need for rehabilitation facilities is growing as well.

To operate a rehab center, you will need to provide patients with a detox program, intensive counseling, group therapy, and an exit plan. Drug testing should be part of the standard protocol to prevent relapses.

If you choose to work with court-ordered drug rehabilitation programs, expect to provide regular progress reports. In some cases, you may even be called upon to testify.

How To Start A Drug Rehab Facility – Getting Started

When deciding how to start a drug rehab facility, determine whether you would like to operate an inpatient or an outpatient rehab center. An outpatient operation will require testing facilities, meeting rooms, and doctor’s offices in addition to a records area.

For an inpatient clinic, you’ll also need living areas including bedrooms, activity rooms, dining areas, and a kitchen – plus a 24-hour staff.

Your staff should include at least one psychiatrist and several psychologists or licensed clinical therapists who specialize in substance abuse issues. Many addicts have underlying mental health problems that co-exist with their drug addiction.

By treating both problems, the substance abuser has the best chance for recovery. In addition, there are new drugs that can assist people with overcoming addiction. If you would like to take advantage of these new programs, you will need either a psychiatrist or a medical doctor on staff to write prescriptions.

Nurses should also be on hand to administer drug tests and other medical screenings.

Training And Certification

If you hire a professional staff, you may not need any special educational qualifications to operate a drug rehab facility. However, you should make sure that you follow all federal and state regulations.

Your state’s health and social services department should be able to provide you with a list of requirements while you are learning how to start a drug rehab facility. The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and the Institute of Chemical Dependency Studies are additional sources of information.

Key Factors For Success

To operate a successful drug rehab clinic, you should be able to show a high level of success in your patients. While the best result would be a patient who maintains a drug-free lifestyle for the rest of their life, this may be an unattainable goal for many of your clients.

Instead, measure your success based on how many patients complete your program, how many are drug-free for one year, and how many are drug-free for five years. To improve the chances that each patient will be successful, make sure that you’re sensitive to their needs without allowing them to manipulate the system.

Treat them like individuals with their own individual issues. Once they are at a point that they can leave the program, provide them with a support network that will help to prevent relapses. Some people may need to relocate or find a job-training program to stay clean.

Attracting Patients

Finding patients for your drug rehab facility shouldn’t be too hard. Contact the major insurance carriers for your state and become an approved provider. They will list your business on their website and mention you when someone calls their customer service line.

Make sure that the area social services departments, mental health clinics, hospitals, court systems, and jails are aware of your services. Many family doctors and specialists also refer patients to rehab facilities. Creating a website and listing your services on other sites will also help you find patients.

After you have learned how to start a drug rehab facility, you may want to expand into other areas. You could offer an alcohol program or expand into other areas of counseling.

If you’ve started off as inpatient, you could add an outpatient treatment program. Opening another rehab facility in a different area could offer limitless expansion opportunities. If you’ve included a lab in your center, you could also offer drug testing services to non-patients.

Once you’ve become experienced, many organizations are interested in motivational speakers that provide anti-drug lectures.

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