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Driving Range Business Idea

Satisfy your passion for golf, provide fellow golfers with a facility at which to practice, and make money. Learn how to start a driving range business!

Driving ranges can be extremely profitable business ventures, and for golf enthusiasts are a means of combining professional and hobbyist interests.

A driving range is essentially just a large piece of land, and this will be your largest start-up cost.

At the minimum you’ll need a few acres that can either be converted into a driving range or already exists as one.

The age-old real estate tenet obviously applies: location, location, location. You’ll want something central enough to attract golfers, but not so central that it’s too expensive to purchase or lease.

Some additional costs you will incur in starting a driving range are golf range equipment. You’ll need a golf practice net and a putting green to start, as well as a ball retrieval cart and flood lights to illuminate the range at night. This equipment can get expensive and may be difficult to finance.

Many driving range owners merely lease their operation from the owner, which is another option to consider. This requires less capital up front as the facility is already built and has an existing client base, but monthly lease costs diminish long-term profit.

How To Start A Driving Range Business – Getting Started

The first step you’ll want to take in starting a driving range business is conducting market research. You’ll want to visit a number of driving ranges and decide what you like and dislike about them, and how yours could improve upon their concept.

Talk to golfers and get their opinions of different features and products that the driving range offers. Take the seasonality of your location into account; you’ll want to attract business year-round, so your facilities will have to be suited for any inclement weather you can expect.

Expanding Your Business

You can introduce additional sources of income to your business by opening a pro shop in your driving range. Golf equipment sells at a high margin and can be a very profitable endeavor. You can also rent golf equipment to clients and offer golf lessons. Golf lessons will help to create a consistent client base and will establish your driving range as a local golfing hub.

Another expansion idea for your driving range is a restaurant. Opening a restaurant in your driving range will allow golfers to practice their swing over lunch, increasing your income during the day as well as producing extra revenue through food sales. Restaurants can be costly to open, however, and may require a substantial amount of money each month to operate.

Finding Financing

Potential driving range owners can appeal to a number of sources of small-business financing. A small business loan from a commercial bank could be acquired as well as investment from family and friends.

Once you have put together a business plan and forecast the financials, you can present this information to potential investors to form a business partnership. Before looking for financing, though, you should put together a complete operational budget with comparative data from a local driving range. Mastering how to start a driving range which is financially successful is not easy, but a good business plan will significantly help you to do so.

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