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Dog Walking Business Idea

Pet owners lead busy lives these days – this is where a dog walking business enters the picture.

It can be often difficult for dog owners to find the time to take their pets on a daily walk.

Due to physical disabilities or injuries, it may also not be possible for pet owners to walk their dogs themselves.

Since dogs need exercise and fresh air every day to stay healthy and happy – a dog walking business provides a much-needed service to the pet owners within your community.

Daily exercise has also show to reduce behavior issues caused by extra energy within dogs.

And with obesity on the rise among humans and their canine counterparts alike, a dog walking service can be very lucrative (and you’ll get some exercise out of the deal too!).

What to expect and where to start

A dog walking business is easy to start – all you have to do is take your clients’ dogs for walks every day. Some people provide dog walking as part of starting a pet sitting business, but this isn’t a necessity. If you want to concentrate on dog walking don’t worry about other business ideas until you have plans for expansion.

Most dog walking takes place during the day while the owners are at work – that means you get to take a brisk walk every day in the great outdoors during normal business hours, when everyone else is cooped up in their office.

Pricing and other factors

Most dog walkers charge a base price for a half-hour excursion. Research the fees of other dog walkers in the area to come up with a competitive figure.

Work with your local insurance agent to determine if you need (and to what extent) business insurance. Insurance will help cover you and your business in the event an accident happened to a dog while under your care. You’ll need to bake in the cost of insurance into your rates.

If you are always on time, responsible, reliable, and take good care of clients’ dogs, it will be easy to attract and retain customers. Your business will spread by word-of-mouth before you know it.

Skills required

You don’t have to be an animal expert to start a dog walking business – as long as you love pets and have some dog handling experience (perhaps you own a dog yourself) you can provide a dog walking service to their community.

And if you’re in decent shape, the physical aspect of the job shouldn’t be a challenge.

Remember – always be prepared to clean up after the dogs as you walk through residential areas – if you cultivate a good reputation in the neighborhood, your business will continue to grow.


Purchase several high-quality leashes and pooper-scooper bags. As an extra precaution, bring pepper spray or vinegar along to fend off stray dogs that may try to attack during an outing, and carry a first aid kit in a supply pack (a fanny pack or backpack should do just fine).

Why start a dog walking business?

For many reasons. First of all, it doesn’t cost very much to get started. All you need are a few basic supplies and the ability to find customers. If you want, spend some extra money to print up business cards and flyers – hand them out at veterinarian offices, training facilities, grooming shops, pet stores, and other relevant locations.

Think smart when searching for clients – post flyers in retirement communities and outside upscale condominiums. Advertise your business where a market for dog walking services is more likely to exist. Keep your mind open for other pet business ideas to expand your existing business!

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