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Dog Trainer Business Idea

If you love dogs, it’s worth finding out how to become a dog trainer. Learning how to become a dog trainer is as much about learning how to handle the dogs’ owners as much as it is how to handle the dogs themselves.

You should have to love taking a psychological outlook on the way things are between dog and human.

You do not need a degree, but a genuine caring about the relationship between dogs and their owners.

Starting Up – Making It Simple

When training a dog, start with the basics – develop a plan that will help owners with basic household habits as well as more regular obedience aspects. Offering puppy training to start owners off can make all the difference in the world for their long-term happiness together.

You, as a dog trainer, get the satisfaction of knowing you will be helping people develop a lifetime bond that starts right from the beginning.

Of course, you will have to have a good handle of dog psychology. They do things for much different reasons than humans, and this is often the cause of angst between owner and pet. Many owners will come to you with their fully-grown dogs and want you go provide training to get them under control because they had lost the upper hand right from the start.

Often owners are confused because they thought their cute little puppy would stay that way for life, but once it hit puberty they lost control of their ‘teen’. The dog behavior training you can provide will help both dog and owner see the ‘other’ side of the problem and work together again.

If you want to develop a training course for those interested in showing their dogs in obedience trials, you will have to learn the requirements of each level of competition. It can be fun and rewarding to help owners achieve fame and accolades in the show ring, and can give your business a real boost too.

Successfully Advertising

Of course, when you learn how to become a dog trainer you will probably start with your own pets. Having a few well-trained dogs around your own home or office will be the best advertising you can provide. Other forms of advertising you will have to learn about are developing an internet website, using local newspaper ads, and the second best advertising of word of mouth.

Satisfied clients will spread the word about how you learned to become a dog trainer and send more work your way. If your love of animals extends to other species, you can even begin to offer training for other sorts of animals such as birds, cats, and even exotics like pot-bellied pigs and more. People love their pets, but often need help living with them.

How To Become A Dog Trainer Offices And Fees

Always remember to put money back into your business. A lot of dog trainers work out of their homes, but some go to the homes of the dog owners themselves. As you learn to become a dog trainer and begin to develop a client base, you need to decide if you want to have owners come to you with their dogs, if you want to go to them, or if you want a combination of both.

You will discover as you learn to become a dog trainer and train your own dogs that it does not require a great deal of space. However, once you have garnered a reputation, you may choose to rent space for classes and so multiply your income per class with more customers.

When you learn to become a dog trainer, you can charge per session for individual lessons or per course for a complete, structured course lasting several weeks. On a single one on one basis, you may make a couple of hundred dollars, but on a course that lasts eight weeks with a full class in a rented space, you can make that same amount for the same length of time multiplied by ten or more dog/owner combinations.

Learning how to become a dog trainer is an emotionally and financially rewarding career choice that will bring you into contact with many interesting people and their pets.

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