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Dog Kennel Business Idea

By opening a dog kennel business you can provide the type of care and attention dog owners are looking for. Boarding is becoming more and more popular given our busy lives and travel schedules.

When dog owners go away for an extended period of time, a kennel is the first choice for boarding their beloved pet and making sure they are put up in a safe environment.

Pet owners select kennels based on quality – they want to make sure their dog receives good care while they are away.

Franchise or independent dog kennel business?

Purchasing a boarding kennel franchise is another option to consider. There are many excellent franchise opportunities that you can take advantage of – research the available choices before you make a final decision. A franchise has advantages and disadvantages, so the route you take depends on your particular circumstances.

If you build a kennel on your own, you have total control over the size and scale of the business, as well as how the pet boarding operation is run. With a franchise initial setup is easier to handle, but you won’t have the freedom to do everything the way you want.


Starting a dog kennel business involves a little more work and preparation than your average pet services business. Before you begin, find out what the zoning restrictions are in your area, and whether or not you are required to obtain a license to run your kennel. Visit the local town office for information specific to your area.

Building the kennel

A kennel requires a large amount of space – you will need a barn or large building that can hold 10 or more pens on each side, at least for a larger operation. It’s possible to expand an existing building to accommodate a smaller kennel if you don’t plan to turn your business into a huge venture.

A safe and comfortable kennel needs to be weather-tight and have a good amount of windows to let in natural light. Proper ventilation is also a necessity when building a dog kennel. Many kennels set up special locking dog doors at the back of each pen so the dogs can easily be let out to play a few times a day.

Build a secure fence surrounding the play area outside so that the dogs can’t make an escape. If possible, construct the bottom three feet of the fence underneath the ground to prevent certain breeds from digging their way out of the yard. At the same time, build the fence tall enough that climbing and jumping dogs can’t hop over the fence.

Always keep the yard clean and free of waste by doing ground maintenance every day for your dog business.

Dog Kennel Supplies

Buy soft pads and dog beds for dogs to rest and sleep on. Be sure to wash them thoroughly between visitors.

Provide two clean metal dish bowls for each occupant. One for water, and one for food and snacks.

More tips

Keep records of each dog’s feeding and exercise schedule, and set up an insurance policy to provide adequate coverage for your dog kennel business. For day visitors, you may even want to consider setting up a pet sitting business.

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