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Dog Groomer Business Idea

Learning how to become a dog groomer is a great way to work with animals on a daily basis.

Many dog owners are prepared to pay big bucks to have their pooches pampered and well-groomed, especially in affluent neighborhoods.

Although dog grooming is a booming business, it can be difficult to get started. Here are some tips for how to become a dog groomer and setting up a dog salon on your own:

If you don’t already have some knowledge of dog grooming techniques and practices, get educated by taking a few courses in dog grooming.

Most areas of the country have accredited dog grooming schools with excellent programs.

Another option is to take dog grooming classes at your local community college or trade school. Getting a certificate in dog grooming doesn’t require a large investment of time, so it’s possible to learn how to become a dog groomer and start your business very quickly.

Selecting a location / Dog grooming supplies

Once you have the expertise, it’s time to search for a good location for your dog grooming business. You can always start small and work your way up – provide dog grooming services in your immediate vicinity by setting up "shop" outdoors in your neighborhood. Rent a booth at an established grooming salon, or travel from home to home offering in-home service.

Make sure you create a comfortable environment for the dogs with good lighting and a clean workspace. Being groomed shouldn’t be a traumatic experience for the dogs that come to your establishment. Make sure to watch your budget but at the same time, spend money on high quality dog grooming supplies and equipment.

Get the word out

What about advertising? How do you attract clients to your dog grooming business? Start by taking a few advertising classes and reading up on the latest small business marketing tactics.

Place ads in the local newspaper, post flyers in pet stores, use the Internet, and talk to people about your business any time you get a chance. The more you circulate the name of your business in the public sphere, the easier it will be to find clients.


After a few years of learning how to become a dog groomer, it’s a good idea to branch out and provide other pet-related services if you want your business to grow. Add related services as you become comfortable as a pet groomer such as self-service dog wash, dog daycare, or even basic dog training courses.

You may even want to take your grooming on the road and start a mobile dog grooming business!

How To Become A Dog Groomer – Pricing

Charge less than the competition at first to get people into your shop. Once you’ve had time to impress the local clientele with your skills and services, and gained more experience, raise your prices. If you research what other dog groomers in the area are charging and price your services accordingly, it will be easy to land a solid customer base.


Dog grooming is fast becoming a popular service that pet owners are willing to pay for – if you enjoy spending time with dogs and taking care of their grooming needs, operating this type of business can be a great way to do what you love and generate a steady income.

Learning how to become a dog groomer is particularly convenient for moms wanting more control over their income and working life.

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