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Dog Collar Business Idea

Turn your love of pets and pet accessories into a full-time business by learning how to start a dog collar business. This business operation could involve designing or making your own brand of collars, or it could be as simple as evaluating products manufactured by others for quality before offering them to your customers as a reseller.

Dog owners will always require a number of different collars and harnesses for each of their pets. From tiny, little gem studded items to heavy-duty leather products, you’ll find quite a demand for high-quality dog collars.

To start a dog collar business, you should first decide if you will make your own products or act as a reseller. A reseller will need several dependable suppliers and the initial funding to build an inventory. If you would like to make your own dog collars, you’ll need to stock up on supplies including heavy-duty thread, vinyl, leather, buckles, rings, gems, and studs. Industrial-strength sewing machines and hand-tools to attach the hardware will also be required.

Next, think about how you would like to sell the collars. Some options include online sales, catalog orders, selling to larger pet stores, or opening your own kiosk or small store. Either option could be a viable solution, but will require different supplies for a successful start-up.

What Do I Need To Start A Dog Collar Business?

While specific training or certification requirements are not necessary to start a dog collar business, you should have experience with both dogs and the requirements that go into making a high-quality dog collar. Make sure that you know what makes a collar safe and what makes it dangerous so that you stick with pet-friendly products.

Above all else, you don’t want your first few customers complaining about shoddy workmanship or dangerous materials. To keep abreast of the latest pet supply trends, you may want to join the pet service industry trade association known as the World Pet Association, or WPA.

To be successful when you start a dog collar business, offer a product that is unique or hard to find. Remember that dog collars can be found everywhere from grocery and discount stores to pet shops. If you can provide a dog collar that has an interesting design feature that’s either attractive or functional, you’ll find more customers that are willing to choose your dog collars over someone else’s product.

With the craze of owning small dogs that are practically a fashion accessory, imagine how successful you could be if your dog collar designs were deemed the next hot item for that specific demographic. Selling only organic or environmentally-friendly products is another popular marketing strategy.

Finding Customers For Your Dog Collar Business

When you start a dog collar business, it will be easy to find customers. Just take a look around, and you’ll quickly see that the world is full of dog owners. Make sure that you create your own website that can be found by search engines and list all of the pet charities that you participate in.

Most pet lovers are a quick sell when they know that their purchase will support animals in need. Plan to contribute a portion of your profits to an animal shelter or pet rescue organization. Display that information prominently on your website, on each of your products, and in your advertisements. If there are any local dog shows or other pet-friendly gatherings, ask if you can open a booth to either sell or display your dog collars.

Once you’re running a successful dog collar business, it will be easy to expand. The pet supply industry has almost endless possibilities. In addition to collars, harnesses, and leashes, you can sell other pet toys, treats, or training items. Other expansion opportunities could include dog training classes, a pet grooming business, or selling animals. If you really enjoy being around dogs, pick your favorite type and become a breeder.

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