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Dog Breeding Business Idea

Learning how to start a dog breeding business isn’t for everyone, but if you know a lot about a particular breed and have a desire to turn your passion for canines into a full-time pursuit, becoming a dog breeder may be the right opportunity for you.

Dog breeding takes a lot of patience, hard work, knowledge, and commitment, so it’s not something to start on a whim. However, if you’re up to the challenge, a dog breeding business can be quite rewarding – financially and personally.

This article assumes you already have a good amount of knowledge about the dog you wish to breed, so it’s primarily concerned with the high-level startup aspects of how to start a dog breeding business.

Of course, breeding dogs is a continual learning process, so it’s recommended that you research the history, appearance, feeding habits, temperament, and other information on your breed beforehand. Learn about the grooming and training required to keep up the standards of the breed.

Research the requirements

If you want your dogs to be part of the professional dog breeding community, it’s essential to know the standards that have been set in place for the breed. Keeping up to date on breed trends is a key element of success when learning how to start a dog breeding business.

Join local associations with other dog breeders to forge good relationships in the industry and keep up with the latest news and information. You may want to show your dogs at competitions so it’s easier to fetch a higher price for your puppies at a later date.

Evaluate your dogs

Make sure the dogs you purchase for the purpose of breeding undergo a thorough evaluation. You need to know everything about the dog before you start training and mating. This will help prevent problems down the breeding line.

Keep good records

Have all the dog’s documents, including medical history, proof of registration, and other items, up-to-date at all times. This is required for customers who expect proof of pedigree, and to sell the puppies with all documentation ready to go.

Setting up a kennel

Once you have a few female dogs you’ll need a place in which to house them safely and comfortably. In most places it’s not required that you register a kennel if it only contains 2 or 3 dogs. If you want, name your kennel and register the name with the American Kennel Club. This is a good way to advertise your dog breeding business and build up a reliable reputation within the community.

As your business grows, consider getting a permit for the kennel. After you learn how to start a dog breeding business, make sure you continue to learn how to expand your operations. In addition to breeding, you could also expand into a dog kennel business.

The Process Of How To Start A Dog Breeding Business

Your dogs will require a good amount of care while pregnant, and need at least one pre-natal visit to the veterinarian. More visits may be required depending on the situation. Learn about the birthing process ahead of time and prepare properly for the event. Do everything you can to keep the dog healthy during the pregnancy.

Set aside a comfortable spot for the birth to take place with a whelping box, clean towels, and a heating pad. You can either purchase a whelping box or make one yourself.

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