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Discount Golf Equipment Business Idea

If you love golf and would like to start your own business, you may want to open your own discount golf equipment business.

Your store might sell equipment such as clubs, bags, balls, shoes, clothing, and other golf accessories.

You may also offer club repair and custom fitting services, and if you have enough retail space might have driving nets so your customers can try new clubs before they buy.

If you want to be successful in a discount golf equipment small business, you should buy in large quantities to be able to sell at lower prices, hire only experienced golfers as your employees, allow customers to try clubs before they buy, and carry a wider selection than your competitors.

If you separate yourself from competitors, golf lovers will remember you. You can also offer golf lessons onsite or use students to provide lessons at local ranges. You might even want to franchise your business to nearby areas.

Buying Discount Golf Equipment

If you buy in large quantities, it should not be hard to get equipment for your store. You will be able to find good deals on golf accessories, golf clothing, golf gifts, and equipment for ladies golf.

Do an internet search for wholesale golf equipment to get better deals.


You may feel overwhelmed by the accounting required for your new business. You do not need to be. Even if you cannot afford a full-time accountant, if you do an internet search for accounting software for small businesses you will find help.

Other Topics To Consider

If you do not know where to turn for information about insurance for your store, don’t be concerned. There are many insurance agents who are knowledgeable about small businesses and will help you. Do an internet search for insurance for small businesses to find assistance.

You may be concerned about how to promote or advertise your business. There are actually websites that will let you promote your new business for free, however. Having your own website, even it if is only one page, can help. If you do an internet search for inexpensive or free web hosts, you will be able to have a site at a minimal cost and often with professionals to help you.

If you submit your site to a search engine, you will end up with more customers. You can also have new business cards printed at an inexpensive rate if you do an online search. Mailing such cards out can help increase your business. There are also places that have free classifieds online.

Starting a discount golf equipment store can really set you up for success you just have to know how to find it.

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