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Discount Furniture Business Idea

Choosing to learn how to start a discount furniture business is the first step toward owning your own exciting and profitable small business. Discount furniture remains one of the strongest industries, even when economic times are tough.

There are many facets to the discount furniture industry. The wide range of choices includes discount office furniture, discount imported furniture, and discount specialty furniture types, such as handcrafted, unfinished or wood.

How to Start a Discount Furniture Business

Begin by deciding whether you want to buy a franchise or start a discount furniture on your own. If you have any kind of previous retail or business experience, starting your own store is a great way to put those skills to use. If you are new to the business world, a franchise might be a better choice.

Franchising provides ample training and a proven business model. You will be required to adhere to the company standards and practices.

After deciding how to start a discount furniture business, it is advisable to conduct research on the local market. By investigating the number and types of furniture stores in your area, you may discover an area that is not being served or is under-served. For example, if there are one or more discount office furniture stores in town, but no discount imported furniture stores, the option with the least direct competition is the better choice.

Also investigate the services, prices, and general quality of the competition. If you can find a marketable way to do better, choosing to open the same type of discount may still be a viable choice. Finding your niche in the current market is essential for success.

Your location should be in a well-traveled area and have ample parking. One plus to running a discount store is that people expect a warehouse-like atmosphere. There will not be a need to purchase decorative items to enhance the showroom. Space for furniture displays, along with cash registers, and a supply/office area are the minimum requirements.

You will need discount furniture suppliers to stock your store. If you are opening a franchise, your company will assist you in finding suppliers. If not, form partnerships with suppliers that offer the quality and type of furniture you require.

Contact the city or county clerk, the state Department of Revenue, and the state licensing board to apply for your business license and related permits.

How to Become a Successful Discount Furniture Business Owner

Before opening, advertise your Grand Opening by using ads and fliers. If you specialize, sent out direct mailings, targeting those who might be most interested in your discount furniture. For example, if you sell discount office furniture, send direct mailings to the purchasing officers of surrounding businesses.

After opening, a continued marketing campaign will be needed. If your budget allows, television and radio ads can be purchased. Donations of furniture to local charities, such as the homeless shelters, will not only help the needy, it will advertise your business.

Make sure the quality of your merchandise always meets or exceeds the highest standards. This means that you will have to spend extra time up front to line up the best suppliers possible. Customers who make an initial purchase that they are happy with, will often come back time and again.

Expanding Your Furniture Business

After learning how to start a discount furniture business and becoming successful, you may look at expanding. Branching out of your original niche and adding other types of furniture is one way to increase sales. Keep an eye out for furniture stores that are closing. It might be possible to purchase their inventory at a discount and have another niche market available to you.

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