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Disc Jockey Business Idea

Launching a disc jockey business requires a passion for music, the gift of gab, a knack for tracking business opportunities, and the drive to excel. It also requires a sound business plan that covers each aspect of the business, such as funding, promotion, expansion, services offered, pricing, and employees.

The disc jockey business is highly competitive. Therefore it is essential that you find and exploit a niche market. This niche could involve a variety of themes including specialize lighting, song titles, specific music genres, comedy, or venues.

Starting Out In The Disc Jockey Business

Like all businesses, your disc jockey service requires an appropriate name. The name should be catchy and related to music in some way. Once you have a name, register it and obtain the appropriate licenses.

Below is a list of the required equipment:

  • At least two high volume speakers
  • Two microphones
  • Audio mixer
  • At least two CD/MP3 players
  • Appropriate clothing or costume
  • Accessories such as speaker wires, power strips, stereo wires, and adapters
  • Complete toolkit with tape, screwdrivers, and penknife
  • Lighting equipment for various size venues

Purchase the highest quality equipment you can afford. It will be expensive, but will pay for itself in the long run. High end equipment conveys a professional image. Don’t cut corners or you could be left playing in less-than-favorable establishments for a very long time to come.

You will need start-up capital for the equipment as well as money for advertising. Business cards, fliers, and business supplies should be purchased. If you require financing, consider getting a small business loan. These loans are available through local banks and government agencies such as the Small Business Administration. Formulate a detailed business plan before seeking a business loan.

Contact an insurance agent to obtain liability insurance and meet with an experienced contract attorney who can help you draw up contracts to use with clients.

Finding Success

Starting a disc jockey business requires building a following. Start by becoming a member at an online forum for disc jockeys or other music lovers. While these forums will include members from around the world, you may get some tips or leads in your local community. Become an active member of your local music scene. Get to know local musicians, local clubs, and the people who go there.

When just starting out, never turn down a job. By playing at local gatherings, you can gain experience as well as exposure. Offer your disc jockey services at local charity events. Use every available venue to showcase your talents.

The best equipment, however, cannot make up for a passionless performance. Each and every show should combine polished sound with creativity. As word of your professional work spreads, customers will come to you.

As more opportunities open up, you may find yourself hiring more staff and new disc jockeys to take on the extra load. To find additional venues, speak with wedding and event planners about your services and form working partnerships. A fun and exciting business venture, starting a disc jockey business may the right choice for your talents.

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