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Diaper Delivery Business Idea

As an alternative to throwing out hundreds of diapers a year, you may look into using a diaper delivery service.

If you’re concerned about the environment, cloth baby diapers are the way to go.

You can take advantage of growing environmental awareness and start a business in this sector to make excellent profits.

What better business to invest in? You’ll be helping the environment, and at the same time helping parents who don’t have the time to rinse, soak and wash their baby’s diapers themselves.

Whether you focus your marketing efforts on the convenience factor or perhaps environment sensitivity, you’ll undoubtedly reach a broad customer base.

Starting A Diaper Delivery Service

You have two choices for start-up methods for your service. You can pick up, clean, and deliver the fresh diapers yourself, or you can simply pick up and deliver the diapers and have them cleaned at a professional commercial laundry.

To begin your diaper delivery service, visit your local hospitals and try to obtain a list of names for all the new baby births. You can then begin to mail your advertisements to each parent. Once you get started, word of mouth will spread and business will grow.

You can also ask if you may leave brochures at pediatricians’ offices and clinics. Be sure to include pertinent information in your advertising brochures such as how healthy cloth diapers are for the environment, and what their cost savings can be.

Using Disposable Diapers

Another option for a diaper delivery service is disposable diapers. This business will be less messy than the cloth diaper service, and it will be just as convenient for parents. Just keep in mind that this option won’t have the same environmentally-friendly Wow-Factor as the cloth options.

You might want to consider offering free delivery, however, as you will be competing with the large stores. If you offer free delivery, parents will have a more efficient way of getting what they need.

Business Considerations

You will need a dependable vehicle for your deliveries. You should make sure that you are covered with insurance too, as you will be doing a lot of driving. You will also need a large, commercial size washer and dryer if you plan on washing the diapers yourself, along with the necessary chemicals and softeners.

You might also think about offering other baby supplies such as diaper pins, liners, and air fresheners to keep the air from smelling until your collection arrives. This will increase your potential for making profit, and is sure to get your diaper delivery service off to the best possible start.

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