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Deck Installation Business Idea

If you want to start a deck building business, you will need business skills, people skills, and building skills if you want to do the work yourself.

A deck is a wonderful addition to a home. It is like having another whole room, and can be enjoyed by all family members – even the pets.

Decks are popular because people love to be outside on nice days and evenings. Having friends over for a cookout and enjoying your pool or hot tub is extra special when you have a custom deck to enjoy.

You can sneak into the business by building your own deck first, then doing one for friends, and then expanding your commercial business.

Alternatively, you can set up an office, hire contractors to do the work, advertise to get some jobs, and watch your business grow. Regardless of the size of your business, the quality of your workmanship will get you future jobs and enhance your reputation as a deck builder.

Decks are rather seasonal (depending on what geographic area you are located in), so you may have year round work or you may need to supplement your business with another.

Customers, and being able to work with them and their needs, are an essential part of making this business a success. They will tell you what features they want and the size wanted, while you consult with them on materials and then perform the installation.

Things Needed To Start A Deck Building Business

To start out, you will need a contractor’s license, building permits, knowledge of building materials available and what lumber is best for construction, design ability (plans can be purchased), business insurance, a truck and trailer, vehicle and material storage, bookkeeping knowledge, an office with a computer and internet access, and people skills.

Expanding Your Business

Partner up with an existing contractor to get started, and then later branch off into your own business. This gets you experience quickly, and also gets you working under their licenses and permits while awaiting your own. You will want to be able to stand behind your work, as your reputation depends on this and so will referral business.

Be people-friendly – follow up with customers to see how they are enjoying their new deck. It’s also an opportunity to ask for any referrals they might have for you.

You can expand a basic deck building business to include deck design, deck plans, hot tub or spa installations, dog houses, benches and planters, and storage units. You can have a yearly maintenance service for staining and weatherizing, and also any repairs or additions needed. Always Take photos of your work in order to obtain future jobs.

You can start a deck building business on your own or with others. It can be a one man small business, a partnership, or grow into a large deck building business. You can start small and grow it bigger, or, if you are really good with business skills and people, you can begin up a rather large business from the start. Either way, you can enjoy building beautiful structures, work on your own in the sunshine, and always be grateful that you learnt how to start a deck building business.

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