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Dance Studio Business Idea

To start your own dance studio is in some ways simpler than starting many other types of businesses.

The reason for this is that you have a captive audience of prospective students who "want to" learn to dance rather than "have to".

Organizational skills, business sense and dance talent are key to planning this small business, and with the right amount of each one you will have a successful and profitable studio in no time at all.

Planning And Preparing To Start Your Own Dance Studio

Start by creating a business plan which outlines your anticipated growth, revenue and retaining clientele intentions. Be sure to factor in the cost of studio rental and all necessary equipment (full-length mirrors, incidental furniture such as chairs, reception desks and files to retain records of your clientele etc.). In addition, there is the cost of utilities such as heating, air conditioning, telephone use etc. to consider.

This is the also where your dance studio’s accounting process begins. The biggest shock to most dance studio owners is the reality of keeping their books accurately and readily available in the event of an IRS audit. If you cannot do this, factor in the cost of an accountant to your plans.

Advertising Your Studio

In order to start your own dance studio, you will need a certain amount of regular advertising. With advertising, it isn’t the size of your ads that increases business. But rather the content and regularity with which you publish.

Each new dance event or student who enhances the studio’s name adds value to you and your company, so be sure to publicize until everyone in your area knows who you are.


Most students insist on seeing credentials from a recognized dance organization such as Dance Educators of America or Dance Masters of America – two of the oldest dance organizations in the US. Both offer teacher certification and courses of study as well as membership which enhances your credibility in your field.

To start your own dance studio, it’s important to substantiate your qualifications. Each of these organizations trains in theatrical and ballroom dancing and offers a variety of student-related programs some in specific styles such as salsa and Latin jazz.

Teaching Students The Art Of Dance

Once dance instruction begins in earnest, you’ve overcome the most rigorous obstacles of starting your own dance studio and can begin the more fun aspects of the job.

Dance instruction for ballroom dancing is most enjoyable in groups, but instructors must adhere to individual wishes if private lessons are preferred. Check the going rates in your area before committing to a price for these, however.

As you retain your best students, keep your eye on staffing from within the pool of your best students. Hiring from outside your studio can be time-consuming and costly. Additionally, students you have taught are likely to teach in much the same way as you do adding much-needed continuity for your younger students as you start your own dance studio in other areas and so are no longer teaching them yourself as regularly.

2 Responses to “Dance Studio Business Idea”

  1. Tori Martin December 9, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    This is such great advice because I want to start my own dance business and I started working on my business plan last year.

    • Admin December 15, 2011 at 7:23 am

      Good for you Tori for starting strong with a business plan! Too many people simply charge ahead in their small business without a clear plan. While business plans aren’t a guarantee for success, a solid business roadmap is an essential tool to help maximize the value of your startup resources. Good luck with your dance studio business!

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