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Custom Dollhouses Business Idea

Custom made dollhouses are truly works of art, and command high prices because of this.

Many people who enjoy working with their hands and have a love of fine craftsmanship find that they can produce beautiful works of art and earn a lot from doing so.

Formal training is not necessary to produce doll furniture, but dedication, care and practice are essential.

Most people who produce custom made dollhouses started out producing them as a hobby, and only expanded it into a business after years of mastering the craft.

While cheaply made, simple pieces of furniture may find a few buyers, but valuable pieces which command high prices require a lot of time and effort – not to mention special equipment to conduct the small-scale carving and add the intricate details.

People who want to ultimately pursue this as a job or a serious additional source of funds should start out with doll house kits and then work up, adding more details and modifications as their skills improve.

Most collectors will be interested in purchasing miniature replicas of known pieces of furniture, so it is important to research how full-sized antiques and older houses were constructed and what materials were used. After all, a collector won’t be interested in a replica Victorian doll house which is made out of plastic and plywood!

An understanding of how full-sized furniture and buildings are made is essential for understanding how to build good dollhouses. There are many books and websites dedicated to this, and most hobbyists find that instructions for many popular or famous pieces of furniture are easy to find and serve as a good starting point.

Advertising Your Custom Made Dollhouses

In order to make this business profitable, it is important to get your name and product out and to ensure that dollhouse collectors know of the houses or other wooden toys they can purchase from you. It is thus important to show off your work to potential collectors at shows and on the internet.

Many dollhouse collectors are very particular and are working to reproduce a certain house, so they are very interested in having specific pieces of furniture made. A good way to make money is to accept commissions and custom-build furniture and houses for a single collector – working to meet their needs.

These commissions are a great way to advance in skill by trying out new furniture and artistic styles in addition to providing much more income than single pieces can yield.

Custom made dollhouses are a great way for someone with artistic hands to make extra money, although it is generally not profitable enough to be a sole source of income. Still, highly skilled artisans can collect hundreds or even thousands of dollars for fine pieces of work. This makes custom made dollhouses a great home business for people who can set aside time each day to produce works of art.

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