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Cosmetics Business Idea

Learning how to sell cosmetics from home is an ideal way to earn an extra income. It’s a business you can start part-time and build into a full-time enterprise, if you have the drive and desire.

The cosmetic industry boasts billions of dollars in sales each year. Today’s cosmetics are not only attractive to women, but to men as well. Nearly everyone is interested in skin care and looking younger.

How to Sell Cosmetics from Home

As you begin your research into how to sell cosmetics from home, you must choose a product line. There are a variety of options, including becoming a representative of long standing companies, such as Avon and Mary Kay. These companies sign up an army of independent contractors who own their own businesses, but sell proven cosmetic lines to friends, coworkers, family, and neighbors.

Other options include selling your very own line of cosmetics. Purchase wholesale cosmetics at a discount from suppliers and offer them to your customers at a retail price.

Drop shipment should be available from your suppliers. With the drop ship option, your supplier mails the purchased product directly to your customer. Drop shipping enables you to make sales without actually buying the inventory up front.

Working from home requires a business license from your city or country clerk. It may also require a special permit, called a variance, from the zoning board. Purchase business liability insurance coverage to protect yourself from liability claims. An internet search will enable you to find inexpensive insurance options, such as basic liability insurance, for home-based cosmetic sellers.

Finding Customers

Learning how to sell cosmetics from home requires that you hone your sales and customer service skills. Most of your customers will be people you know. Learn how to sell without being too aggressive. It will require practice, but it will be well worth it.

Have a variety of handouts readily available with product pictures and descriptions. Catalogs, fliers, and brochures should include all of your contact information. Offer free sample packs to potential customers so that they can try out the products. Your product line should include both high-end and discount cosmetics for both men and women. Conduct sales and offer specials to encourage purchases.

Cosmetic Expansion Ideas

If you have a successful cosmetic home business, opening a retail outlet may be the next step. Your budget should include enough money to give the right ambiance and atmosphere to your retail outlet. Your retail location should look trendy and inviting. Stock high-end, well-known brands in your retail outlet and offer an exclusive, luxury line of products and accessories, such as high quality makeup brushes.

Conduct open house events and makeup days where you offer makeup tips to visitors. Allowing customers to try your products before buying is the perfect way to encourage sales. Focus on creating customer relationships that provide ongoing sales.

All staff should be educated about your products and the various treatments you offer. Your staff should be knowledgeable about skin types and which products provide the best solutions.

Other types of expansion might include:

  • Add spa services
  • Expand into online sales
  • Offer franchise opportunities

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