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Construction Cleanup Business Idea

It’s a dirty job, but there’s money to be made in the construction cleanup business.

Everywhere around you, homes, offices and businesses are popping up. Whether it’s a mansion being built on the site of a tear down, or a new office being built on a cleared field, the construction leaves a lot of debris.

Although the builders will haul out the large pieces of trash, there’s still a lot of work to be done before the building is ready for inhabitants.

New Construction Cleaning

Cleaning of newly built homes and offices represents the greatest amount of work for a post construction cleanup crew. Most cleanup businesses offer several phases of cleanup, including rough and touch up.

For the rough cleaning, the crew removes all traces of construction, including removing labels on windows and cleaning the windows to a sparkle, wiping inside and out of all cabinets and woodworking, cleaning all appliances, removing every workman’s muddy footprint and vacuuming and mopping up every speck of dust and dirt.

In a touch up, the crew may return after the punch list has been completed to do a final cleaning.

Cleaning Equipment

You’ll need a variety of cleaning supplies for multiple surfaces: wood, carpet, tile, countertops, appliances, mirrors, and windows. In addition to cleansers, you will need clothes, brushes, paper towels, a broom and dustpan and a vacuum.

You will also need a ladder to clean ceiling fans on the inside and windows on the outside. Your mode of transportation to jobs will need to be big enough to carry all of your gear.

Starting Your Construction Cleanup Business

There’s a lot of work involved in cleaning post construction…sometimes too much for one person. You could hire people looking for summer jobs for teens to fill in as an ad-hoc crew when needed.

Since contractors are working on a deadline, they often need help at the last minute and in a hurry. Being flexible and reliable will help establish you in the business.

Who Does Construction Cleanup?

This is a decidedly physical job, and you must be able to bend and reach, climb ladders and move heavy objects as needed. However, men or women, old or young, can do the job.

Some young entrepreneurs open a construction cleanup business as a teen startup, working mostly on summer breaks and vacations.

Marketing Your Business

Find out where the new construction is in your area. Your town government will have information on upcoming approved construction, or you can ride around and see what’s being built. Get the name of the contractor, and check them out to make sure they have a good business record. Then, contact them and offer your services.

Because the contractors are working under a deadline, they may be reluctant to take a chance on a new business owner, so figure out how to sweeten the deal. You could offer an introductory price that is significantly better than the competition, or offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Once you’re in the door, be on time, be reliable and be thorough. As contractors realize they can count on you, they will. Relationships are critical to building a successful construction cleanup business.

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