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Concrete Curb Business Idea

If you want to start a small business and enjoy working with a variety of clients, starting a concrete curb business will allow you to work in a variety of sectors.

Some owners choose to improve the appearance, durability, and performance of patios, garages, walkways, curbs, driveway paving, brick pavers, and many other areas.

Concrete repair involves the restoration of existing concrete structures or features such as filling cracks, holes, or replacing sections of concrete.

Others choose to provide concrete coating services which utilize a combination of specific concrete blends and acrylics, and is commonly used as an inexpensive alternative to total concrete replacement. Curbside concrete businesses work on walkways, curbs, and related structures.

Keys To Success With A Concrete Curb Business

It is of vital importance that all small business owners in the concrete and general contractor services check with local authorities for any required certifications, licenses, or registrations. Some localities require all contractors to have a certain level of documented experience or training. Other locations may require all service providers to have a current contractor certification or license in the given field.

A few areas have no laws or regulations for general contractors. It is always wise to be certain of the laws, as the consequences of violating any far outweigh the small amount of time and effort required for research.

Since concrete services are used by the majority of home and business owners, the concrete curb business owner can secure contracts in virtually any location. Existing concrete features can often be enhanced with concrete coating, while new concrete construction may involve a bit more marketing and effort.

Take before and after pictures of all of your jobs. These pictures can be used to showcase your talents to potential customers, boost your reputation, and promote sales. The pictures can also be included in record keeping, as proof of work performed, and as a record of what was done for whom. Pleased customers will provide you with repeat business as well as word-of-mouth references.

How to Expand a Concrete Curb Business

Along with the general concrete services such as concrete repair, resurfacing, replacement, and new concrete construction, the savvy concrete business owner can expand their business in a number of ways.

Decorative concrete structures can be included to provide customers with unique home or business enhancements. Garden walkways and borders made of durable concrete will appeal to the avid gardener, parks, museums, art galleries, and other venues.

Concrete statues are also in high demand, especially when the customer is given the option of customizing their items. Purchasing a few concrete molds will add to your business possibilities – the molds will last for decades and customers will be thrilled with the opportunity.

If you are skilled in decorative concrete coating, offer services which can transform any bland, boring concrete structure into a work of art!

Start Up Expenses

The costs related to starting up a concrete curb business can vary greatly, but are primarily associated with the equipment, location, price of concrete, and number of employees you choose to maintain.

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