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Computer Repair Business Idea

Your valuable electronic skills will be used to their full potential when you start a computer repair business.

This type of repair shop will evaluate computer problems and offer recommendations for repair and optimization. Repairs will include both in- and out-of-warranty fixes, as well as upgrades.

Sometimes, a broken desktop or laptop that is no longer covered by the manufacturer may not make economic sense to fix. It will be your job to let the customer know that they should start shopping for a new machine, if justified.

What You’ll Need To Start A Computer Repair Business

When you decide to start a computer repair business, choosing a store-front should be one of the first things that you consider. This should be in a location that’s easy to get to with plenty of parking, but it doesn’t have to be in a fancy shopping district with high rents.

Customers will come to you on an as-needed basis. This means that they will find you when they need a repair. Inside the store, you’ll need an area to receive customers, computers to track sales and equipment, work areas, and testing equipment.

You’ll also need to stock a wide variety of replacement parts including memory chips, hard drives, cables, keyboards and the like.

You will need some specialized training to repair computers. While all Windows-based computers are similar, you may need to be certified with each computer manufacturer to become an authorized service center for their machines.

If you want to service Apple computers as well, you’ll need to learn about a separate set of software and hardware. Many computer repair professionals find that joining an organization like the Association of Computer Repair Business Owners can help promote their business and keep them up-to-date on the latest training opportunities.

Keys To A Successful Computer Repair Business

To be successful when you start a computer repair business, you’ll need to make sure that you can accurately trouble-shoot a problem, fix it right the first time, and deliver the repair services within the timeframe estimated. When you can master all three of these goals, you’ll find that everything else falls into place.

To keep your costs low, you should also try to negotiate the best rates on parts. Sometimes, this is possible by changing suppliers. If you only have one option for certain parts, ask for a volume discount, free shipping, or any other incentive that is customary.

Finding Customers And Growing Your Business

There are many ways to find customers after you start a computer repair business. Virtually everyone owns a computer, and they all dread the day that they will have a hardware problem that can’t be fixed by an amateur.

Advertisements in the local paper will let everyone know that you’re in business. Most communities have a direct mail coupon provider. For a relatively small fee, you can have your advertisement inserted into the mailer. Remember to include a special offer to attract even more attention.

Because you’re specializing in computer repairs, you should make sure that your business is represented online and can be found by the popular search engines. After all, most of your customers will rely on Internet searches to find computer services.

But here’s why traditional advertising (such as the Yellow Pages) is important in this business. If a customer’s computer crashes, they will likely have limited ways to search online for your services. While a website is important, it doesn’t do much good if your potential customer can’t access the internet due to a broken computer!

Each time that you become certified as an authorized service center for a new computer maker, verify that you are listed on their website. Because new computers are becoming cheaper everyday, most of your business will come from warranty work.

One you start a computer repair business and would like to expand, there are many ways to do so. You could open another computer repair business in another location. Learn how to repair other electronic items like cell phones or MP3 players.

You could begin building custom computers or selling new ones. If you are also talented in the development area, you could start designing websites or building networks for local businesses. You could also expand your business by offering mobile repairs in addition to targeting small businesses.

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