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Commercial Cleaning Business Idea

Starting a commercial cleaning business and becoming successful can be more than a dream. It can become a reality if you plan your strategies wisely. The janitorial and commercial cleaning industry has enjoyed rapid growth due, in part, to the fact that companies are saving money by outsourcing these types of services to outside contractors.

A commercial cleaning business can be started part-time from home and grow into a full-time enterprise. With relatively low start-up costs, a commercial cleaning business may be the ideal business for you.

Starting a Commercial Cleaning Business

As the owner of a commercial cleaning business, the hours you work will most likely be evening or late night after most of the building occupants have gone home. This allows you to start part-time and keep your day job until you have established a customer base. Working from home helps you keep your expenses down when first starting out.

The following equipment will be required:

  • Dependable vehicle with enough room for your cleaning supplies
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Rags, sponges, dusters, and other cleaning tools
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Safety goggles
  • Work gloves
  • Uniforms or coveralls

In addition to the tools of the trade, you will also need essential business supplies. These include:

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Contracts

Apply for a business license with your local county or city clerk. If you plan to work out of your home, check with the local zoning administrators to ensure that you can legally work from your residence.

If there are established cleaning services in your area, you will have to find a way to offer something of more benefit to the customer. Investigate what other companies charge and what services they provide. Price your services competitively. Provide services that are not currently being offered. Find some kind of edge so that your business will stand out.

Becoming Successful

Starting a commercial cleaning business is the first step, but making it successful is the ultimate goal. Many factors go into making or breaking a business. Consider the following guidelines:

  1. Start slowly by adding a few clients at a time.
  2. Be an expert. Know how to efficiently clean all types of surfaces. Learn everything you can about the cleaning chemicals and solutions you use.
  3. Stay abreast of technological advances and innovations in the cleaning industry, such as the development of “green” cleaning products.
  4. Present a professional appearance. Wear well-maintained uniforms to work. Most people may be absent from the building as you clean, but there are always those who work late. If you look disheveled, it will get back to the person who hired you.
  5. Be polite. As you work, treat everyone with respect.
  6. Offer exemplary customer service. Stay in contact with your customers. Ask them how they rate your services. Find out how you can improve.

Growing Your Cleaning Business

After starting a commercial cleaning business, you may find that there is plenty of work and the potential for more. If so, it may be time to quit your day job and concentrate on your cleaning business full-time. The following are ways you can expand even further:

  • Hire more cleaning crews
  • Offer additional services to existing clients
  • Sell a line of cleaning products

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