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Color Consultant Business Idea

Your keen eye for color and understanding of psychology can help you become a color consultant.

A color consultant helps organizations and individuals use color effectively.

Studies have long shown that people respond in various ways to color. Colors help make subtle statements and can also affect mood.

Red is often used to energize, while blue is used to calm. People use colors to communicate impressions of power, warmth, authority or even purity.

How to Use Your Color Consulting Business

Colors in Decorating
If you have a background as an interior designer, you can help a homeowner set the mood for a home through the use of color. Colors in the entranceway can segue to colors in the family room or kitchen, and can be used to define each area, while still being complementary.

A dentist may use cool colors in her office to give a sense of peace to nervous patients, while a psychologist might use warm colors to evoke more emotional responses from patients.

Colors for Individuals
Each person has certain colors that make him or her look their best. Finding those colors can help increase confidence as well. If you have an interest in image consulting, you can work with clients who are looking to improve their appearances.

You might help a woman determine the best makeup look for her new corporate job, or help a newly promoted executive develop a look that suits his position.

You may even develop a personal shopper business, and do all of the clothing and accessory purchases for your clients.

Colors For Business
Almost all business material – from letters and business cards to advertising – use color to communicate a message. A color consultant can help businesses find colors that are best for them, that are in tune with the nature of their business and that get the attention of customers.

How to Become a Color Consultant

While there is no certification or license required to become a color consultant, the more you understand about color theory and design, the stronger foundation you will have. Courses are available on color and design both online and onsite at colleges and universities.

Knowledge of psychology is extremely helpful to understand how color affects emotions, and how to use it to create the mood or atmosphere you want. It is also useful as you understand and work with customers.

If you are working as an image consultant, knowledge of fashion merchandising is helpful. Keeping up to date on trends in colors is also necessary.

Business skills, especially in marketing, are helpful in any kind of entrepreneurship, but especially when you’re helping companies develop their own marketing strategy using color theory.

How to Market Your Business

Once you are knowledgeable about the color consultation business, it’s time to establish your own credibility as an expert. Volunteer to speak to local business groups about using color, either for their business or for their personal lives.

College placement offices may recommend you to new graduates and to alumni. Start a blog with tips related to the business, and send out periodic newsletters. Continue to network, and ask for referrals once you’ve completed a job.

Take steps today and become a color consultant – as you increase your education and experience, your business will flourish.

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  1. Yolanda Crump November 23, 2011 at 7:10 am

    Hello this article is very helpful I’m the process of taking fashion merchandising courses and I also completed a Interior decorating course I’m very passionate about color.

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