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Coffee Truck Business Idea

If you are friendly, tenacious, and looking for an opportunity that best utilizes your talents, learning how to start a coffee truck may be the answer to your search.

Coffee has never been more popular and, with up-front research and lots of preparation, a coffee truck business has an excellent chance to succeed.

There are two avenues you can pursue when thinking about how to start a coffee truck business. The first is selling coffee from a vending truck parked in a parking lot. The advantage here is that it is easy to move from place to place and the customers come to you. The disadvantages are higher start-up costs and more costly ongoing expenses.

The second option is a mobile coffee truck or cart where coffee is brought directly into the workplace. The advantages when starting a mobile coffee truck business include low start-up costs and more personal interactions with customers, which often leads to higher sales. The disadvantage is that you will be required to gain permission from building or business owners before you can bring your coffee truck into an establishment.

Either option requires extensive planning. Consider the following:

  • Choose target areas that are not currently served by a coffee vendor.
  • Take the cost of gasoline into account when searching for business areas to serve. It may not make sense to drive 50 miles to find customers if you can’t make enough profit to cover travel expenses.
  • Research pricing and make your coffee prices competitive.

Finally, contact your local county, city, and state regulatory commissions and apply for your business licenses before you get too far down the coffee truck road.

How To Start A Coffee Truck – Keys To Success

When thinking about how to start a coffee truck, remember that, in order to succeed, high quality products and superior customer service must be maintained. Be dependable. If you say you will bring the coffee truck around at 9:00 am., be there at 9:00 am.

Flexibility will also be a key. Listen to your customers and be aware of what their preferences are. Often, customers will ask for types or flavors of coffee that you don’t currently carry. Do your best to fill customer requests.

If a coffee is not selling well, stop offering it. Put your money into products that people want. Make sure the quality of your coffee is better than the coffee in the break room.

Finding Customers

Learning how to start a coffee truck also involves finding customers in areas that are either not served now or are not served well. It often requires cold-calling and knocking on doors. Friendly, finely honed customer service skills are necessary.

Customers should not only look forward to the coffee you bring, but look forward to seeing a smiling face. Since yours will be a new business, some companies may be hesitant about bringing you in. Offer to serve the company on a trial basis, so you can show them what you can do. Advertise in print and in radio ads.

Join business organizations and network with other entrepreneurs. Some of them may be interested in a coffee truck service for their own businesses.

Expanding Your Mobile Coffee Business

Coffee is certainly not the only product welcomed by workers. Expansion ideas include offering a variety of drinks, snacks, fruit, and sandwiches. Make your coffee truck available for business meetings and other events. Be prepared to hire employees so you can maintain a high level of customer service.

Learning how to start a coffee truck business is an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs who are outgoing, persistent, and willing to lay the groundwork for success.

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