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Clothing Line Business Idea

Ever thought of designing your own clothes and wondered how to start a clothing line?

It may not be as hard as you think. In fact, with talent, technology and persistence, you could soon even see your creations on store hangers.

The first step is determining what type of clothes you want to design. You could design clothes for men, women, children, or even pets. The clothes could be fancy, casual, classic or trendy.

You could also design clothing based on an activity such as yoga or exercise. Or maybe you want to focus on clothes for travelers that can be packed light and unpacked wrinkle free? Maybe you want to make clothes for a group that has a special need, such as easy-on-and-off clothing for people who have limited dexterity?

Investigating How To Start A Clothing Line

As you determine your clothing line focus, you also need to look at trends and events affecting what people wear. As business casual becomes the norm for more companies, fewer people are buying traditional business clothes. Before you create dozens of sewing patterns for navy suits, consider if that’s a promising market.

Global warming is influencing the fashion industry too. With warmer year-round temperatures, heavy materials and typical winter fashions are giving way to more all-season wear.

Also consider the economy. When money is tight, people are less likely to splurge on expensive clothing that they may only wear once. If they buy something trendy, it needs to fit their bank account and also feel like a good buy.

Once you’ve looked at your interests and considered what the market has and needs, you can begin your fashion designs.

Developing Clothing Patterns

Computers have made it much easier to develop clothing patterns. You can use fashion design software to design your creations. These designs can then be used as sewing patterns for you or for the manufacturer who is producing your clothing.

Determine how many samples you want to create. This will often depend on the amount of money you have available. You can either create a batch of products and then sell them, or make a few samples and then once you have a buyer make them as needed.

Selling Your Clothes

Wear them, as you are advertising your product every time you wear it. Make sure you have business cards handy for people who ask where you purchased your shirt,

Develop a website so you can sell to customers directly. Make sure you have great pictures and descriptions so customers will understand exactly what they are getting. Consider giving free shipping to induce reluctant customers to try you out.

Once you’ve developed your website, you have to keep working to draw people to it. Consider writing a blog about interesting things in the fashion industry. Comment on other peoples’ blogs too, as this will gradually build up your name as a professional.

Visit stores and boutiques in your local area to see if their managers will add your merchandise to their selections. Find your own outlets for selling such as at flea markets and festivals.

Sponsor a fashion show. Whether it’s for high school students or seniors, getting them to wear your clothes and model for others will build interest.

Continue to be persistent and creative in developing your understanding of how to start a clothing line successfully, and before you know it you’ll see someone wearing your clothes!

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