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Closet Organizer Business Idea

A closet organizer business could be the perfect opportunity for those who have a flair for turning a chaotic environment into perfect order. Not only would your organizing business install new shelving, racks, and storage units, you would assist people with clutter reduction and space planning.

Think of it as improving someone’s quality of life instead of just upgrading their closet.

Depending on your interest and skill-set, a closet organizer business could be a small or medium size business. If you would like to keep things simple, you could measure a closet and install pre-made solutions.

On the other hand, there is a large market for custom-designed closet systems constructed of furniture grade materials. Your imagination and desire are the only limit on the services that you could provide.

Requirements For Your Closet Organizer Business

For simple installation projects, you will need basic carpentry and math skills. You must be able to accurately measure a space and determine how to best utilize the area for storage purposes. Creativity is critical when you’re working with a small space that must store a large number of items.

You will need to expand on those same skills if you would like to provide custom storage solutions. In addition to deciding what features will be used in the redesigned closet, you will now be making many of the items from your own raw materials.

Required equipment will include an assortment of hand tools and power tools. Stock up on hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, rulers, levels, squares, and measuring tapes. Power equipment should include cordless drills and saws at a very minimum.

If you’re offering custom work, you will also want to include table saws, routers, joiners, and sanders. Add a few vacuums and some cleaning supplies as well. Your customers will expect their newly organized closet to be spotless.

If you are new to using power tools, take the time to understand all of their features and safety options. Improper or careless use can quickly lead to an injury.

Finding Customers For Your Organizer Startup

Now that you have the equipment required to begin building new closet systems, where will you find customers for your closet organizer business? While traditional advertising may work, targeting households that need your services and can afford them will usually bring more success at a lower cost.

You could do a direct mailing to the more affluent neighborhoods in your area. These communities will have a high concentration of two-income families that don’t have time to organize. You’ll also be able to target individuals who may have the time, but don’t have the desire to perform their own organization tasks.

Don’t neglect to contact area business offices as well. Many offices are so busy that organization is neglected.

In addition to existing households, you could install closet organization systems in new houses. Contact a few real estate developers and sell them on the idea that a closet organization system will help move homes.

The same argument could land business with individuals that are improving their homes for a sale. Provide some information to a few successful real estate agents in your area. They may begin suggesting organization systems to their home sellers as a selling point.

Growing Your Business

Once your closet organizer business is a success, you may begin to think about expanding. Closets are not the only areas in a house that require organization. You could branch out into kitchen, garage, or basement organization. Children’s areas defy most organizational plans. If you design a system that could be easily maintained by the messiest child, it would be in high demand.

In addition to creating additional storage space, you may decide to add personal organization services. Even with the best of intentions and the most functional organization system available, many people are too busy to keep everything neat for long periods of time.

If you offer to return periodically and restore order to their lives, you may find that you can build a large client base of monthly or quarterly customers.

As with any new business, you should obtain all of the required licenses to operate legally. With a closet organization business, you will need a contractor’s license in addition to a business license in most localities.

Contact your local government’s administration office to apply for a business license and the state contractor’s board for licensing requirements. Purchase both workman’s compensation and general liability policies to cover any losses due to negligence on the part of your new company.

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