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Clock Repair Business Idea

Have you ever thought about starting a clock repair business? If you love clocks and are fascinated by old and new timepieces, clock repair may be the ideal business for you. Perhaps you have experience with fixing your own clocks and would love to turn your hobby into a business. By setting your own work hours and having a second income, a clock repair business can give you flexibility and freedom.

An expert clock repair mechanic can earn a full time income after building a solid reputation as a skilled technician. Many clock repair professionals, also called horologists, are self-taught. Some had the knowledge handed down to them from generation to generation.

Starting A Clock Repair Business

No formal degree or industry certification is required to start your own clock repair business. What you do need is know-how. Refining your skills and becoming an expert in clock repair is necessary before opening. There are a variety of online and video clock repair courses that teach the basics and beyond.

Take as many classes as you can. Search antique stores for various types of clocks that need repair. Practice and learn as much about different clocks as possible. Joining organizations such as the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) may help you to find someone who is willing to teach you the nuts and bolts of the clock repair business.

Before starting a clock repair business, decide on a niche or specialty. You may choose to repair only antique clocks. Watch repair is another niche to explore. Your expertise and local competition will help you decide which area of clock repair to concentrate on.

Working out of your home is a great way to start your clock repair business. With little or no overhead costs, you can start earning money more quickly. Customers can bring clocks to you or you can provide a mobile service, where you repair clocks at the customer’s home.

Working at home will require a dedicated work space where you can keep your tools, clocks, and provide a place for customers to wait. If you provide a mobile service, you will need a reliable vehicle with enough space for the tools of your trade.

Acquire the necessary licenses to open for business and inquire about zoning regulations, if you plan to work out of your home.

How to Be a Successful Clock Repair Business Owner

Building contacts with antique dealers, clock stores, and small collectors can help you find repair jobs. Advertise in local shopping guides and newspapers. Hand out business cards. Ask friends and family to mention your services to others.

Your chances for success increase greatly if you have the necessary skills and offer extraordinary customer service. Finish repairs when promised, stay in touch with customers, offer advice, and return calls promptly. Providing a warranty on work will increase your credibility and assist you in gaining word of mouth advertising.

Expanding Your Business

Starting a clock repair business can lead to adding more services as your reputation for quality craftsmanship grows. Other services to consider are selling parts to amateur horologists and hobbyists and making hard to find clocks available to collectors. Other options may include offering businesses and consumers regular maintenance plans for older or more expensive clocks.

Consider having a web site developed if you have not already done so. A web site is not only a great way to advertise your services, but it leaves the door open for selling clocks or parts online.

Clock repair specialists are not as common as they once were. Many people have antique clocks that have been handed down through the generations. Beautifully handcrafted grandfather clocks or intricately carved cuckoo clocks are symbols of times past. By being experts at repairing these fine old instruments, horologists provide a much needed service.

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