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Christmas Tree Farm Business Idea

Learning how to start a Christmas tree farm is a great way to help others celebrate the Christmas holiday tradition while starting your own small business. Christmas trees are synonymous with the holiday season, with a high demand for live trees every December.

Christmas tree farms often operate in two ways: either as a permanent, year round operation or as a much smaller seasonal business. Full time farms require greater resources to start up and manage than the small seasonal operations.

With this in mind, you should decide on how much capital you are willing to put out in order to start your Christmas tree business.

How To Start A Christmas Tree Farm – Getting Started

The first phase when learning how to start a Christmas tree farm is to come up with a business plan and a means of financing. First, you’ll have to decide if you want to run a seasonal Christmas tree business or if you want to run a farm year round.

Next, you’ll have to draw up a business plan detailing how you plan to turn a profit. This plan includes the potential start up costs, possible profit margins and the time frame that your business will operate each year.

Having a business plan written out can help you obtain loans from financial organizations more easily, especially when the lenders have a sense of how you plan to operate the business from year to year.

Your Location And Startup Supplies

You will obviously have to find a suitable location for your Christmas tree farm. If you are starting a year round operation, then you will need to have a location where you can plant your trees.

If you only want to operate seasonally, then renting a vacant lot that is located in a high traffic area will do. The more traffic that passes your location, the more customers you may have and the more revenue you will be able to generate.

The next phase when learning how to start a Christmas tree farm should be acquiring the equipment needed to start and sustain the business. Of course, this means you’ll have to find a source where you can purchase your trees.

You can purchase a number of Christmas tress from another tree farm in order to get your business started. Most large tree farms are located in the northeast region of the United States, so it is a good idea to start with those farms when looking for a supply.

Call each supplier for a quote, basing the number of trees you need on how many customers you think you will have in your first year. Remember not to get extravagant with this number or you may end up with more trees than you can sell.

To get your business started you will also need landscaping tools and equipment, fertilizer, water, planting supplies, and at least one large truck. You will also want to purchase seasonal decorations and lighting to help get your customers in the festive Christmas mood.

Marketing And Growing Your Tree Business

After establishing your location and setting up initial operations, it is time to advertise your new business. Putting your business in the phone book and newspaper works to an extent, but the fastest way of getting your name out there is by word of mouth.

Tell your friends and family about your new business and encourage them to tell their friends and loved ones. Hopefully the word will spread and your business will be well known.

While learning how to start a Christmas tree farm, internet advertisements also work and help you target your audience. Television and radio commercial spots reach a wide range of customers quickly and effectively, although typically at a much higher price than other forms of advertising.

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