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Charter Fishing Business Idea

A love of fishing combined with a willingness to work hard can put you on the right track toward learning how to start a charter fishing business. Charter fishing can be a highly lucrative, as well as an enjoyable business, if you are willing to start with a solid foundation.

Most people who learn how to start a charter fishing business already have some knowledge about fishing and boats. If you have not previously done so, take a charter fishing trip or two from an established charter fishing service. This will allow you to learn the basics as well as identify charter features where you think your business could improve.

Seeing what the competition offers is great way to learn what will be expected of your own charter fishing business. Research accepted package pricing by calling several charter services and inquiring about their rates.

How To Start A Charter Fishing Business – Equipment Needed

You will need the following equipment at a minimum to start a charter fishing business:

  • At least one boat with a dependable engine and restroom, 25′ or longer.
  • Fishing equipment: Equipment should be in excellent shape and in optimum working order.
  • Cooler for keeping refreshments and food cold.
  • Storage container for bait and fish.
  • Life jackets, fire extinguishers, radios, and other safety equipment.
  • Up to Date nautical charts, maps, GPS, and navigation equipment.

A captain’s license from the United States Coast Guard is required in order for you to take paying customers on your boat. In order to prepare for the captain’s license, take boater, CPR, and first-aid courses. You will also need a business license from the local regulatory board.

Also, make sure to meet with your insurance agent and obtain the necessary liability coverage.

Keys to Success

A thorough knowledge of the sport of fishing in your area will be essential to success. If clients consistently go home with no fish and no stories to tell, you will not be successful.

Become an expert about where the fish are, which lures to use, how to use your equipment, and know how to handle your boat well. Your customers should feel confident in your abilities.

Your pricing will also be a key factor. As you learn more about how to start a charter fishing business, set your prices so that they are not too high for customers and not so low that you do not make a profit after expenses.

Business expenses for charter fishing include fuel, maintenance, storage, and repair costs. These expenses are in addition to administrative overhead including insurance, salaries, worker’s compensation, etc.

Keep your boat clean and all equipment well-maintained. Make sure your operation leaves a positive impression on all of your customers.

Advertising Your Charter Fishing Business

Advertise in local newspapers, on the radio, and in fishing related magazines. Those who charter fishing boats are typically vacationers who can come from anywhere in the world. A professional looking web site is essential for reaching people who are not in your immediate area.

Attend local boating and outdoor shows, as well as fishing events. Hand out brochures and business cards. Partnering with one or more local fishing supply shops can help customers find you.

Expanding Your Business

When researching about how to start a charter fishing business, keep in mind that there are many opportunities for expansion. The most obvious way is by adding more boats and charter trips. Hire experienced and knowledgeable captains for the additional boats.

As a fishing expert, your knowledge is your most valuable commodity. Use it to increase your profits by offering classes on various fishing techniques like tying lures and best casting methods. Add sales of fishing products, such as lures and other fishing equipment, to your charter business services.

A charter fishing business can open lots of doors for those who already love to fish and are willing to work hard to achieve success.

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