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Carpet Cleaning Business Idea

If you’ve been thinking about starting a carpet cleaning business you couldn’t have picked a better time.

The internet offers an inexpensive marketing avenue, the start up costs are low, and even in the current economy, a carpet cleaning business can be very profitable.

Before you begin, make sure you do the proper planning to ensure your business success.

The following are some suggestions to consider when starting a carpet cleaning business.

Start-Up Costs

There are 2 types of carpet cleaning machines, the truck mounted system and a freestanding portable unit. The freestanding units are less expensive and complete start-up packages are available for less than $3,000.00.

The truck mounted systems are more powerful but also more expensive. Good used systems with a vehicle may cost from $19,000 – $25,000. This is still a very low start-up cost and you can charge more for jobs performed with quality truck mounted equipment.

If you plan to expand your coverage and services (for example, adding an upholstery cleaning business), you may want to start with the truck mounted system.


There are several ways to promote your new business.

You definitely want a sales flyer with your service prices and a promotional offer. Hand these out everywhere. In particular, work with real estate rental companies, moving companies, and believe it or not…pet service companies.

These are all businesses that target clients who will likely need your services. Try to work out mutual marketing and promotional deals.

Create a web site with some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) assistance to target local business, and make sure you are listed in the business directories.

Mail Campaign/Print Advertising is vital since many people still use val-pak and other mailers to pick their service provider. Expect to pay roughly $350.00 per month for a single one sided ad to 10,000 homes.

Don’t forget to market for commercial business. They are higher profit accounts and require services more frequently than residential. Also, businesses are typically more likely to retain the same service.

Starting A Carpet Cleaning Business – Training

There are many training programs available. Most are offered by the manufacturers of cleaning systems and may be included in the price of their equipment. If you purchase a carpet cleaning franchise, they will also offer training.

You may also choose to work with an established company for a short time to learn the best processes and practices.

Starting a carpet cleaning business can be financially rewarding if managed correctly. Be careful not to spread your service area out to large as gasoline is a major cost factor and you will lose productive cleaning time driving.

Scheduling is also important and nothing aggravates a customer more than being late. Don’t try to squeeze in one more appointment at the cost of losing another client.

When starting a carpet cleaning business, plan on growing and have a plan for staffing. It is best to start with at least one other part-time employee and only book as much work as you have staff to perform. If you have to reschedule a client, chances are they will call someone else.

Shop online for your carpet cleaning supplies and compare many options and packages. If you have a local distributor you can always ask if they can match the internet price. However, items shipped from internet suppliers are equal to the local product, and some internet suppliers offer discounts for repeat customers.

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