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Carpenter Business Idea

If you love building things, why not learn how to become a carpenter?

With good skills and experience, you can have a hand in creating the buildings around you. Carpenters generally work in all types of construction involving woodworking.

They may build scaffolds for other builders to use during construction, frame windows for an office building or home, or even refurbish boats.

Most carpenters get into business for themselves because they love what they do – and love working for themselves.

Types Of Carpenters

Carpentry jobs are divided into two areas: rough (or structural) and finish (or detail.)

Rough work is framework or roofing or other construction that becomes the skeleton of the building. When the building is complete, the internal and external parts of the building cover the rough work.

Finish carpentry, however, includes detailed work such as wall trim or cabinets. Detail and precision are important in this type of construction.

How To Become A Carpenter

While working with your hands is a major aspect of carpenter jobs, there are other skills needed too. Do you have good hand/eye coordination? Do you have good math and analytical skills? Do you enjoy working outdoors? Are you able to do physical work? All of these are important in becoming a carpenter.

If this sounds like you, the next step is to get training. If you’re in high school now, take mechanical drawing, shop, and algebra and geometry classes. After graduation, you can take classes at vocational schools. You can also look for apprenticeships which are available through a variety of sources: building unions, associations, and construction businesses.

Apprenticeships usually last between three and four years, so look for a company that can provide you with a variety of experiences. Larger companies are often better able to do this than smaller ones. After the apprenticeship is over, you will receive a certificate indicating that you are now a journeyman carpenter.

If you want to diversify even further, consider getting additional experience that can land you electrician jobs. Some of the training is very similar to that of a carpenter. Remember that the more skills you have, the more job opportunities you will get.

Future Of Carpentry Jobs

Carpentry jobs follow the trends of the construction industry. In booming times, the need for carpenters is great. In lean times, the need is less so, but carpenters can concentrate on repair work – not just building projects. This means that even when the housing market slows down, work is still available in repairing and refurbishing buildings.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for carpenters looks good for the next eight years as construction needs continue through attrition.

Well-rounded carpenters also have opportunities to advance, because they have knowledge of the complete construction process. With that experience, as well as an ability to communicate in English and Spanish, a carpenter can advance to the roles of supervisor or contractor.

Continue to perfect your skills, and you will soon not only know how to become a carpenter, but also be well on your way to building the foundation for a long-term career.

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