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Career Counselor Business Idea

If you are a people-person who also enjoys variety, you may be interested in starting a career counselor business.

For this profession, you will need excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills, and will also enjoy finding solutions to complicated problems when dealing with employers.

There are many ways to work this type of business, and it can be a great home business.

The key success factor for this business is to understand the current employment marketplace and be able to understand your clients’ skills and passions.

How To Begin Your Business

One idea is to provide short-term (one week or less) "shadow" assignments for your clients in areas that they show an interest, capability, or curiosity. Getting together a network of employers who are willing to allow these trials may be more difficult than finding clients, however.

You will have to sell the benefits to them first – and this is where your negotiation skills come into play.

Your employer might be willing to work with post-graduates trying to find their place, with the benefit to the employer being that they may find, inexpensively, a great recruit who has been "pre-tested" in the role.

Any short term assignments will need to give a true picture of the job, though, and not just a selective experience.

A step up from working with shadow assignments might be adding life coach mentoring, for which you charge clients a fee to help them to align and focus their job and their life goals.

Goal-setting is very important here, as without goals, careers can seem stagnant and old.

Job coaching can include brushing up on interviewing skills, public speaking, business etiquette, and how to dress for success.

Without coaching, some candidates lose the job from the minute they walk in the door of the employer. If you work with disabled and minority clients, you may even be able to obtain some government funding for your business.

What Is The Role Of A Career Counselor?

A fully-fledged career counselor will provide employment services for those seeking full time employment. After interviewing clients and employers, you will become a type of match maker who sends their time looking for perfect unions.

You can work for both clients and employers – collecting a fee from either or both sides. A lasting relationship with several employers to find them ideal employee candidates is well worth the effort in turnover.

A more traditional role for a career counselor is giving career advice, acting as a job counselor, and providing career education to students and applicants who are changing careers. To provide this advice, you will need to understand a broad range of careers and what is required for success in each one.

Any on-the-job experience you have under your belt will be valuable, as you will know what will be expected from those positions. Study courses can also add to your skills.

How To Move Forward

You can begin your company in a small way from a home office, or work from a leased office space. Your employers can be the bread and butter you need to get started, as you can charge them for human relations work without the cost of hiring you as their employee.

You will also now be free to work for several employers, which will give your career counselor business the opportunity to place your clients across a diverse range of businesses.

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