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Care Package Business Idea

If you are looking for a unique business opportunity, learning how to start a care package business may be the answer. A fresh take on the traditional gift basket, care packages are usually marketed to those who buy for students or members of the military. But in reality, care packages are great gifts for nearly anyone.

Begin the business licensing process as soon as possible by contacting your local city or county government offices. They will require a basic business license and may ask you to obtain additional licenses or certifications.

When first learning how to start a care package business, do some research. Find out what other care package businesses put in their packages and plan to make yours a little different. Make a checklist of the needed supplies. Rather than baskets, a care package is typically sent in a cardboard box, often with a printed message.

You will need a box supplier who can print greetings or wishes on the outside of the box. Find suppliers for candy, snack foods, small gifts, decorative paper, ribbon, gift cards, and other care package items.

You will be doing a lot of mailing, so stock shipping tape, labels, packing materials, and scales. Open an account with the postal service so you can print your own postage and quickly mail packages out. Be sure to factor in mailing costs when deciding what to charge for your care packages.

Start A Care Package Business – Keys To Success

Superior customer service, attractive and careful packing, and speedy care package delivery are going to be your keystones to success. Another key factor will be how well your marketing plan works. Care package businesses are relatively rare.

When people look for gifts, they tend to think of flowers and gift baskets. A successful marketing plan will target the gift giving consumer and build on the fact that a care package is better than an ordinary gift.

Offer as wide a selection of care packages as possible. Care packages can be sent to students for many occasions. Exams, first time away from home, homecoming, party night, and just because. Offer care packages for as many reasons as you can think of, including birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. The more reasons you give people to send a care package, the greater your success.

How to Find Customers

When thinking of how to start a care package business, remember that you do not have to limit yourself to local customers. You can market to a national or even international buying public. A professional looking web site, preferably with online ordering capabilities, will allow customers to find you who otherwise wouldn’t know you exist.

Advertising locally is still essential. Print fliers, advertise in the local print media, attend trade shows, and become involved in community activities.

Expanding Your Care Package Business

When you first learn how to start a care package business, you will probably decide to offer a few care packages and add more variety as your business grows. Think outside of the box when coming up with new care package ideas. You could give your customers the opportunity to customize their packages by giving them the option to choose their own individual contents.

You could create care packages for pets. How about putting care packages together for football fans or sugar-free care packages for people with diabetes? Corporate gifts can be a highly lucrative area for gift-giving businesses, so meet with managers and business owners to offer your services.

If you have been looking for a business that is beyond the ordinary, a care package business may be just what you have been searching for.

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