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Car Hauling Business Idea

If you have the know-how to safely transport a car without damage from point A to point B, starting a car hauling business could be a profitable new enterprise. While some people will want a salvaged car moved to their location for restoration, most of your customers will use your services to move a car in near mint condition.

In fact, you may find yourself transporting antique, luxury, or exotic cars when the owner doesn’t want to expose their prized possession to road conditions during a cross-country move. In these cases, you will be expected to safely transport the vehicle to its destination without a single ding or scratch.

When starting a car hauling business, you won’t need any fancy offices. It is perfectly acceptable to work out of your home and invest your available funds into flatbed trailers, enclosed haulers, and a powerful towing vehicle. While any flatbed tow-truck will do for salvaged or standard vehicles, a fully-enclosed hauler is a necessity if you’re transporting high-end vehicles. If that Lamborghini shows up with a few rock marks or cracked glass, the owner will probably refuse to pay the hefty transport bill.

Because you or your driver will be driving long distances, invest in a tractor with a sleeper bed. In some cases, you may want to operate a sleeper team so that you’re driving virtually around the clock to deliver your cargo.

Before Starting A Car Hauling Business

Before starting a car hauling business, obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). It may be necessary to obtain a hazardous materials classification because most of the vehicles will contain a certain amount of gasoline.

To get your CDL, you’ll be expected to pass a written exam, a physical, and a driving test. CDL licensing falls under Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, so you can expect the process to be similar in every state. While driving, you’ll be expected to maintain a driver’s log and conform to the same regulations that any trucking company must follow.

Key Success Factors

To become successful when starting a car hauling business, make it a point to pick up and deliver your cargo on time, every time without damaging the vehicles or the surrounding property. In order to maintain a positive profit margin, learn to accurately estimate the cost of towing a vehicle across a specific distance.

Your fuel cost will be a major expense. If you can get a corporate discount at a national gas company, it could save a substantial amount of money over time. Many new transportation companies forget that the most expensive cargo is an empty trailer. When you deliver one vehicle, try to find another one that you can pick up for the return trip. Even if it means offering a discount, it could offset your expenses.

Finding Customers And Growing Your Business

If you would like to concentrate on salvage cars and transporting local vehicles, leave your information with auto auction companies, auto parts stores, and local car dealerships. Advertise in regional magazines that cater to people who buy and sell used cars. Include your company information on the side of all of your tow trucks and personal vehicles.

If transporting high-end cars across the country is your goal, make sure that local moving and relocation companies are aware of your services. Place ads in publications read by the type of customer that purchases this type of vehicle.

Don’t forget to create a website that customers can easily find through an Internet search. This is a very specialized service, and customers will look for you. Include several customer testimonials in addition to pictures of your equipment and some of the cars that you have moved.

After starting a car hauling business, you may want to expand. While you can always purchase more equipment or open a traditional towing business, you could also open a luxury car dealership, an auto body shop, or a car restoration business. If you’re particularly talented with cars or motorcycles, create your own custom vehicle shop and build them from the ground up.

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